Jailed: Hull Uni law student who claimed indecent images of children were for LLM research

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Aspiring lawyer handed 12-month jail term with judge claiming he had “lied his head off”


A University of Hull law student has been jailed for 12 months after downloading 52 indecent images of children, in what he claimed was research for a postgraduate thesis in criminal law.

Kye Larvin (pictured below), 25, told the court he used the images to win the trust of sex offenders, so he could gain access to their world and subsequently interview them.


Despite failing to inform his academic supervisor of his shocking plan, Larvin said he then hoped to use the information he had gathered to form the basis of his postgraduate research.

According to online newspaper the Hull Daily Mail, Larvin told the court:

It was obviously a very idiotic and stupid thing to do, and very naïve. I really wanted to understand the people who can do this. And I wanted to compare that to some of the academic research that had been published. For access to a very closed off world, it’s essentially founded partly on trust. So, in essence, you had to court a persona in order to get access.

Larvin — who hoped to one day practise criminal law specialising in dangerous and sexual offences, having attended University of Hull Law School as an undergrad too — failed to take any notes during his interviews, fearing they would be seized by police.

According to the Hull Daily Mail, Larvin had admitted to the possession, making and distributing of indecent images, on the basis that it was for criminal law research.

Despite the law student’s protestations that the images were for nothing but academic purposes, Judge Mark Bury — clearly unconvinced — slammed the aspiring lawyer, telling him:

You have stood in the witness box and lied your head off.

Handing the law student a 12-month prison sentence and a sexual harm prevention order, Judge Bury continued:

You say that you have studied modules in criminal law. You have never discussed any of this with a supervisor and the reason is because it was not part of your undergraduate studies. You sent images to others on the understanding you were trying to get into the closed world of paedophilia. I consider it was fulfilling your sexual desires.

Larvin — who has been left with little to no hope of pursuing a career in law upon his release — will be listed on the sex offenders register for ten years.



Doesn’t take notes of interviews to prevent it incriminating him but doesn’t get rid of the shocking images. Good luck on the inside.


Kuzka's Mother

What’s more incriminating, the images themselves, or the notes that would actually prove your innocence? What would cause more trouble if seized by police? Idiot.



I’m not entirely sure here but I would have presumed that possessing, let alone distributing, such material would lead to a conviction in itself irrespective of any defense he seems to have put forward.



He was presumably arguing legitimate reason under s.1(4)(a) Protection of Children Act 1978. Very difficult defence to get home – and clearly he failed.



Isn’t it more likely to be a Newton hearing, following a guilty plea on a basis asserting that he only had the images for research purposes? That would explain why it appears that the judge, rather than a jury, rejected his claim.


Clearly a Newton Hearing.


“with judge claiming he had “lied his head off””

Judges don’t “claim” things, they “find” them.



You have a lot of unquestioning respect for authority there Peter


Daily Mailstrom

I think we should bring in the penis guillotine.



independent research lol what a fool


Hull Alum

Thomas you gutter snipe; The Hull Daily Mail is a venerable print local newspaper, first printed in 1885


Lord Finley of Afghanistan

Just wait till the academic snobs see this article and reprimand you for attending Hull Uni, you’ll be thankful for the 12 moths prison sentence!!!



The three great universities: Oxford, Cambridge and Hull.


Lord Flash

Damn! You got there before me!



Two great universities, Oxford’s a complete dump.



He wanted to “specialise in dangerous and sexual offences”.
Clearly had no guidance as to the reality of criminal practice. You cannot pick and choose your clients.
And if you are going to tell a pack of lies, try and be plausible to the extent of the known facts.



Captain Blackadder: I then leapt on the opportunity to test you. I asked if he’d been to one of the great universities, Oxford, Cambridge, or Hull.


Gus the Snedger

Oops! Duplicate comment detected! See above! Lol!


Lord Lyle of the Isles

maybe he was doing a thesis in advanced perversion



Good luck on the inside. I imagine his fellow prisoners will be less concerned about his university’s league table standing. Nonces tend to do poorly inside.


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