Is Ahmd Emara the UK’s biggest law BNOC?

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By Katie King on

Names on campus don’t come much bigger than the UWE masters student


It’s not unusual for law schools and universities to host their own big name students — but we might’ve found the biggest one yet

Described by The Tab as “the undisputed king of UWE”, law student Ahmd Emara seems to have made quite a name for himself in his short time at the Bristol-based uni.

Not only is Emara pushing on with his intense postgrad studies in international banking and finance law, he has taken up an astounding number of campus leadership roles — Frenchay campus officer, NUS delegate, student representative, and law department representative. And he has a huge Facebook following, of which more later.

He shot to fame through his on-campus and social media presence. The Tab notes that Emara is “everywhere”: at the student union, selling tickets for events door-to-door and walking around campus with sweets.

The achievements don’t stop there — he’s also spent ten months interning at Baker & McKenzie, and is ex-legal counsel at the world’s biggest law firm Dentons.


Originally from Egypt, the student hopes to stay in the UK and forge a career as a lawyer, though he does have a back-up plan.

We reached out to Emara, and he told us:

I always thought that I can work in the legal field only, but since I started my LLM and got more involved I realised that I have other skills which might help me a lot in communicating with people and building relationships.

Legal Cheek is impressed that Emara has managed to amass his celeb status in such a short period — he has only lived in Bristol for 11 months. When asked what has sparked his uni-wide stardom, he said:

Being alone in a new country with no friends or family made me really keen to have many friends and to socialise.

While he has a demonstrably positive attitude, Emara knows all too well that campus fame comes with its ups and downs.

The BNOC is very open about his relationship status, having posted videos on Facebook using the hashtag #AhmdIsSingle.

Good morning 🙂 #AhmdIsSingle

Posted by Ahmd Emara on Sunday, October 11, 2015

He explains:

I don’t think that anybody can bear or stand all that I have in my life unless they truly believe in me and are ready to face all the hard situations I am having.

And it’s not just his love life that’s suffering. Emara thinks can have its negative effects:

It’s very embarrassing when you are walking with your female friend and people keep telling you that you pulled a girl or when they take photos of you dancing in a club and post it as if no one else was dancing. You lose your privacy, but also it’s nice when you find someone who does not know you personally and tell you ‘I voted for you’. I hope I was able to leave a positive impact and not just a smile on people’s faces.

Shrugging the negativity to one side, Emara has founded an online safe-space for his fellow UWE students — and others keen to lap up the positive energy.

The influential Facebook group, ‘AHMD on the Spot (The Positive Zone & Lounge)’, has a cult following of over 2,400.


Described by its founder as a place to “make communication easier between each other’s, support each other’s, offer any possible help through discussing what annoys us and how can we over come it”, Emara told Legal Cheek that his inspiration for the group was to spread positivity:

People are tired of negativity and they need to find some positivity which has no agenda or not being directed for some interests.

With an attitude and reputation like his, we’re sure Emara will be snapped up by a big City firm in no time.

BNOC image by REW-Photography.