Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Monday 7 December

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


High Court judge to decide on whether Lord Janner is unfit to stand trial over child sex offences [The Guardian]

Top barrister Lord Grabiner accused of betraying fellow golf club members in Wentworth row [The Telegraph]

Sharia Law is alive and well in the UK as investigation uncovers shocking details [The Mirror]

Sharia courts in the UK should be stopped from presiding over divorces, campaigners warn [The Independent]

Prevent programme “spying on our young people”, say east London imams [The Guardian]

I asked Syrians what they think about Britain bombing Syria [Vice]

Court closures due to severe weather and flooding []

This Christmas the City is partying like it’s 2006 — but the firms would like to keep the largesse a secret [The Independent]

The future of the legal profession might be brighter than you think [Forbes]

“If I’m a commercial solicitor who is going to work at least an 80 hour week regardless, I’d rather be paid 100K than 75K!” [Legal Cheek Comments]

Radcliffe Chambers opens is pupillage applications ahead of 8 January deadline [Legal Cheek Hub]