Oscar Pistorius has ‘enrolled at LSE for a law degree’

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Convicted murderer’s bail affidavit says he is doing business with law at the London School of Economics


Oscar Pistorius is a law student.

A copy of the disgraced Paralympian and Olympian’s bail affidavit says that he has enrolled on a business and law degree at the London School of Economics.

Pistorius, who was granted bail this morning after judges altered his manslaughter conviction to murder last week, claimed on page three of his lengthy affidavit that he was currently studying law “by way of correspondence”.

Tweeting earlier today, South African legal affairs journalist Karyn Maughan posted an extract of the document in which Pistorius reveals he has “enrolled at the London School of Economics for a B.Sc business with law degree”.

Legal Cheek understands the course is technically run by the University of London with LSE providing “academic direction” for the international programme.

The former Paralympian, who also competed in the 2012 London Olympics, will sit exams — from prison — between between May and June, and will cover legal subjects such as contract law, commercial law and company law.

Fees for the course — which Legal Cheek understands is officially called ‘Management with Law’ — are around £4,000, and students have the option to attend LSE’s summer school in London, a perk which Pistorius may miss out on.


Legal Cheek contacted the University of London to clarify the situation. A spokesperson said:

The University of London is unable to disclose information to third parties without the written consent of the student in question. We are therefore unable to confirm or deny any of the information you have requested.

LSE also remained tight-lipped on Pistorius’ student status, with a spokesperson telling Legal Cheek:

LSE cannot release any personal information about current students. However we can confirm that the School does not offer correspondence degrees and does not offer a BSc in Business with Law.

As mentioned above, we think Pistorius is on the University of London ‘Management with Law’ degree that is under LSE’s “academic direction”.

With Pistorius not deemed a flight risk, bail has been set at 10,000 rand (£450). The sentencing hearing for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, is due to be held on 18 April next year.



Future trainee at Slaughters






Can you please explain what that’s supposed to mean?

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Hope he practices how to pool shart as part of his future legal career.



Hey folks, I’m on my 3rd year with the University of London LLB. Is that thing gonna get me a job? lol





The Lard Harley

What does Charlotte Proudman think of this latest legal development…..?



Why do you care?


South African Undergrad

Hi Legal Cheek careers.

I’m currently in my first year of a law and business degree by correspondence at a so-so university, however, I’m on track to get a first as due to… a skin condition I’m not allowed to go outside for the next 15 years.

When should I start applying for training contracts in the UK?

Also, I have a conviction for murder, is this likely to be an obstacle?



LC Careers

Hi ‘South African Undergrad’

Most training contracts in the UK take applicants two years before training is due to start, so you probably won’t need to apply until your penultimate year. You may want to start applying for vacation placements in the mean time and explain about your skin condition to see if reasonable adjustments e.g. vacation placement by correspondence is available. Once you have a training contract your skin condition shouldn’t be an issue as many trainees aren’t allowed outdoors anyway.

Don’t forget that you’ll also need to complete a one year Legal Practice Course (LPC) though this is due to change. If possible try and get a training contract with a firm that funds the LPC as this can greatly reduce costs.

Whilst a murder conviction would be frowned upon, it’s useful if you can try and turn it around and use it to your advantage. For example, perhaps you can explain what you’ve learned about the criminal justice system through your interaction with it. I received 3 points on my licence for going at 34mph in a 30 zone when I was 17, so I completely understand your apprehension about these things. While I was interviewing for training contracts it never came up so maybe you’ll be lucky and the same will happen to you!

Hope this helps.

LC Careers



What a contender. What a professional. What a prick.


Morgan Freeman

Oscar, the best thing to do right now is read books about how not to get dominates too often in prison.

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The money talk… Everyone is welcome by the LSE … a hero or a murderer… good PR stunt from respected institution 🙂



LSE literally take anyone’s money, don’t they? They are so gauche and shameless.



should keep him busy for 4 years or so what then as there is at least 11 to fill? the Legal system is Roman Dutch law so I wonder why he is doing it



Oscar will focus on Criminal Law (Murder)



I reckon he’s studying law cos he thinks he’s more intelligent than his legal team


Libyan School of Economics

Didn’t Gaddafi Junior also “study” with the LSE – money talks!



Im sure he’ll ace the criminal law module due to his passion and experience. also don’t think he’ll have a problem with a getting training contract or pupillage cos he’s got plenty of networks through his time in the courts.


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