Solicitor-advocate uses client’s Christmas jumper as advocacy tactic

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By Alex Aldridge on

“You can’t send anyone to prison wearing that”


A wily solicitor-advocate has used his client’s appalling Christmas jumper to help save him from a festive period behind bars.

Things weren’t looking great for Callum Wilson when he was brought before Grimsby Magistrates’ Court this week accused of theft.

But thinking on his feet, experienced criminal defence specialist Nick Furman (pictured) saw an opportunity in the bright red jumper emblazoned with a snowman that his client was wearing.


Noting that the extremely Christmassy garment also featured the words ‘Ho Ho Ho’ and contained an in-built device that played Yuletide music upon request, Furman went in for the kill, telling Deputy District Judge Andrew Pascoe:

His mother is making him wear it. You can’t send anyone to prison wearing that. It’s worse than that. It plays a tune.

Wilson has been bailed until the new year, although, reports the Grimbsy Telegraph, Judge Pascoe was careful to note that he could not use the Christmas jumper “as a reason for refusing bail”.