Nottingham Uni law student reveals that she is the child who shouted nativity songs in viral YouTube hit

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CMS Cameron McKenna brand ambassador quips that she has always “had an enthusiastic and individual approach”


A law student has been unveiled as the mystery young girl shouting nativity songs in a hilarious video that sweeps the internet every Christmas.

The girl became an internet star after the 20 year-old clip was uploaded to YouTube almost four years ago. But until now hardly anyone knew that she was Eleanor Sergeant (pictured below), 23, who’s studying at Nottingham University.


The footage, entitled ‘Funny Nativity’, and captioned ‘I hope this makes you laugh as much as it has for my family over the years’, was put online by Sergeant’s sister, Hannah, who couldn’t resist sharing the clip with the world.

Sergeant, who is in the second year of her LLB, can be seen adorned with a tinsel halo and tinfoil wings, enthusiastically belting out a unique rendition of ‘The Virgin Mary had a Baby Boy’.

Much to the amusement of parents gathered and a rather perplexed looking Joseph, Sergeant — currently a brand ambassador for corporate giant law firm CMS Cameron McKenna — remains unphased, despite stifled laughter from those around her.


The aspiring lawyer — who already has a history degree from Royal Holloway under her belt — is still haunted by the classic festive clip that resurfaces this time each year.

Having amassed over 1.5 million views, Sergeant blames her mum for her lack of volume control, telling the Mail Online:

Mum was really the instigator of the whole disaster that was my nativity play, as she sat right at the back and asked for me to sing as loudly as possible. The ever obedient (and slightly oblivious) daughter, I complied with her request and sang my heart out. I always have had an enthusiastic and individual approach and I think that really shines through in the video.

Sergeant attended a host of law firm open days alongside a vacation scheme at London-based commercial outfit Goodman Derrick last summer, while also describing her passion for “access to justice and “human rights” on her LinkedIn profile.

With the clip once again resurfacing this Yuletide, Sergeant is just glad that it is making people smile, continuing:

I am thrilled that my video has brought so much joy to its viewers. Bringing happiness to others is a fantastic feeling and I hope that others can experience that feeling by giving what they are able to this winter.


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