Junior barrister, 33, made a Crown Court judge

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Anna Midgley is the youngest recorder in recent history


A Bristol criminal barrister has been appointed as a Crown Court judge — and she’s only 33.

The appointment of Anna Midgley — Cambridge law grad and Albion Chambers barrister — will take effect from 11 January, making her the youngest criminal law judge in recent history.

The role of recorder is part-time, with appointees expected to sit for 30 days a year. Aside from the fact that a recorder will usually handle less complex or serious cases, their jurisdiction is similar to that of a circuit judge.

The appointment follows a long list of impressive achievements Midgley already has under her belt. After ranking seventh in the 2004 academic year at Cambridge, Midgley went on to study the Bar Vocational Course (now the Bar Professional Training Course) as a Middle Temple scholar, and was graded ‘Outstanding’. She was called to the bar in 2005, and was described by Legal 500 as “a very able junior who is ahead of her call” in 2011.

Legal Cheek has contacted the judicial office to find out if sexual offences law specialist Midgley — who also works as a lecturer — is in fact the youngest Crown Court judge ever, but it hasn’t been able to confirm our query.

However, our investigations have revealed that in 2013 Atlantic Chambers barrister Charlotte Hughes-Deane was appointed as a deputy district judge aged 32 year-old, but this is not a criminal law post.

The youngest person to sit on the Magistrates’ bench is 19 year-old law student Lucy Tate — who was appointed to the Pontefract bench in 2006 — though the position does not require prior legal qualification.


Kuzka's Mother

For the love of god do not come up with an embarrassing nickname for her.



Someone not yet as outstanding as Beyonce, but nonetheless in a similar tier.

Perhaps Kim Kardashian?






There is no way that someone of this age has the life experience to. Be in such a position. I know that age shouldn’t matter but it does. 40 is an accepted age for very responsible positions which involve making decisions based on life experience. That’s why most people wouldn’t want to see a 30 year old president or prime minister. This young woman should not be doing such a job where she decides the fates of others.



You’re a silly billy





Travelling Gavel

With the greatest of respect Musca (i.e. little at all) by the age of 30 I had been a qualified solicitor for 3 years, had children of 12 and 9, been divorced and contended with all the while contended with a chronic illness whilst undertaking my legal studies and part time work to ensure I could maintain my children.

Do not presume that tender years equals lack of life experience; you know nothing of Anna Midgley’s background I presume?



Lydia, is that you?



Sick reference, though it would not have been a Lydia post without her talking about Catholicism, her billings, her warped version of feminism, and the joy her posh children bring to her.


Lord Harley

With the greatest respect to ‘Travelling Gavel’, by the age of 4 I had completed several doctorates at a number of prestigious universities across the star system. I also saved my local pit from closure.


Lord Harley

I should have said that I was so busy that I didn’t even have time for a haircut.


Sir Ponsonby Smythe-Smallpiece

That’s nothing. I was junior counsel on a murder whilst I was still potty training!


Not not not Not Amused

I took Silk the day before I turned 1


A potty? Luxury. I used to have to dig a hole in the concrete and urinate into that.


What a load of rubbish. By 25 there are many people who’ve had a pretty tough life, succeeded and have bags more experience and wisdom than people in their 40s. They aren’t as rare as you think. Which is actually a depressing thought.



Most people in court are under 20…she’s better placed to Judge than anyone in their forties.



A Qualified Doctor can save your life at 24. People mature at different ages – 33 isn’t too young.



its surprising what rich parents and a private education can buy for you nowadays.



“making her the youngest criminal law judge in recent history.”

Well, just under 4 years anyway. One of the DDJ(Magistrates’ Courts) appointed in 2012 was called in 2004, so is likely to have been 30 or 31 when appointed.


Charlotte Proudman

This is about me.



Wish her all the best .



The youngest Magistrate was 18 I believe when appointed in Yorkshire.



Who studied the BVC at the Middle Temple? Hmm…



incredibly poor journalism



A Middle Temple scholar….it does not say studied BVC there!


DJ inthemix

This post has been removed because it breaches Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Ooooh, a conspiracy theorist.

Grow up, son.



I have socks older than Anna Midgley.



If this is a trend it’s a good one.
Every lawyer at some stage wonders whether he (or she) would get an Appointment. About 99 per cent. of them should never entertain the thought. This includes about 75 per cent. of those who do get appointed.
But I’m not bitter.


Dear Legal Cheek,

Not being a criminal post is not the difference between being a recorder and being a DDJ.


Actual Lawyers


Not not not Not Amused

Crown court is Crim. only though, no?



She’s stunning


James Vine

I defended in a case a few years ago in which Anna appeared as junior counsel for the crown. Her professionalism, ability and consummate integrity put her “leader” embarrassingly in the shade, and not in any way intentionally on her part.
She is more than worthy of this appointment



We get it bro, you fancy her.


Dr snuggles

Who the feck is Lydia?!



Never heard of her.



Fiona Armour



Who is Fiona Armour? Was she named after Bananarama?



She is a phenomenal advocate and an excellent trainer. I have had the pleasure of being mentored by her on the junior practitioner’s course and she is exceptional. Very well deserved.


Laird Lyle of the Isles

I appeared in Haringey Magistrates Court I think before sole female teenage magistrate who was so young I was actually shocked. I had an application to make under the police Property Act for the return of £36,000 worth of allegedly stolen jewellery and a samurai sword. she was most professional and it should have something this for the police to appear before the court the following make bringing with them the sword, the Jewellery and an explanation for their retention.

Then there where was Judge Krikler from the Willesden County Court who must have been about 70 years old actually left the bench to assault and batter me, as he was of the view that I had pulled the wool over his eyes and he had two weeks before hand made an irretractible order which he now terribly regretted and he was going to take it out on me physically in court.


Laird Lyle of the Isles

Sorry bout the dictaphone. What do the red and green squigly buttons do?



Totally wrong Musca. Parliament is content with 5 or 7 yrs PQE



Gosh, some strange people about! Well done Anna! You get out of life what you put in. Why can people not be nice!



Outstanding woman in all respects. Bravo to the selection process.


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