Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Wednesday 27 January

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


Denmark approves law on seizing refugees’ valuables and delaying family reunions [The Telegraph]

Michael Gove tells Tory MP his Christianity informs prison policy, “I believe in redemption” [Huffington Post]

Gove: I’m no sandal-wearing muesli-munching vegan [Guido Fawkes]

The legal aid cuts are ideological. Let’s start fighting them now [New Statesman]

Wife who claims her lawyer ex-husband “doctored” bank statements “with tipp-ex” wants him jailed [The Telegraph]

Soaring court fees “will discourage ordinary people from seeking justice” [The Independent]

My Little Pony toymaker sued over alleged font misuse [BBC News]

Labour’s biggest union backer faces legal action on “zero-hour contracts” [Evening Standard]

JPMorgan pays almost $2.5bn to settle legal disputes [Financial Times]

Slaughter and May’s first year open day deadline is this Friday [Legal Cheek Hub]

“Look, I used to be an actor before becoming a barrister and the two things aren’t remotely comparable…” [Legal Cheek Comments]