SRA neglects to register Jones Day trainee lawyers for almost two years

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*Regulatory facepalm*


The 2015 qualifying cohort at the London office of US giant Jones Day were very close to not becoming lawyers at all, it has emerged.

The close call was due to a registration oversight by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Following reports in the blogosphere, the SRA confirmed to Legal Cheek this morning that there had been an “administrative error” in relation to Jones Day’s trainee lawyers but that the matter has now been resolved.

The trainees — who will now be fully qualified lawyers — should have been registered with the SRA when they commenced their training contracts in October 2013.

Having spotted the paperwork issue in July 2015 — almost two years later — staff at the solicitors’ regulatory body “corrected the problem”.

In a carefully worded statement, a spokesperson for the SRA told us:

All trainees have been registered from October 2013. But, on this occasion, unfortunately we didn’t process all of the paperwork when we should have. We found our mistake and corrected it in July last year. We are sorry about this administrative error and for any concern caused, but it is worth emphasising that all of the trainees are registered from October 2013 and none of their training has been affected.

Jones Day, which offers around 20 training contracts annually, has not yet responded to requests for comment.


Boh Dear

Not Amused enter stage left



SRA cockups ‘hindering to social mobility’, no doubt in NA’s mind


Not Amused

If I had to comment every time a regulator acts in a completely incompetent way then my fingers would have worn away to stumps long ago 🙁



if only we were that lucky


Tudor Street insider

Doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. JonesDay sell themselves as the only ‘non-linear TC’ where trainees seek ‘their own work’ and the result is an utter train wreck.

Many have major gaps in their contentious and non-contentious SRA requirements because they aren’t part of the ‘top ladz’ inner sanctum and simply don’t get any work to do. The partners run a regular City Boys club where sexism runs rife, if you don’t booze ‘you’re a poofter’ and only the biggest brown nosers’ get ahead.

Can’t wait for my TC to be over – the London office only banks on the firm’s good global reputation, the reality couldn’t be more different.



One thing you said tells me you’re lying


Qwabe is a Kunt

Lol, salty Jones Day lawyer spotted.



I do remember interviewing last February, and being told by a first year trainee that he had basically worked on one deal since starting.


Old and Dusty Solicitor

Wholly agreed.

I used to work there for some 7 years before going in-house and there’s a story to be said. Before the merger in 2003, the legacy Jones Day office partners who joined Tudor Street from Bucklersbury House were a fairly mild-mannered lot – it was the Old Bailey crew from Gouldens who were the serial adulturer, Maserati- and Porsche-driving, Friday liquid-lunch hard-drinking old-school London Solicitors who were/are the real sociopaths/alcoholics/liabilities/sexual harrassers. The folks from Gouldens used to say the hotels around Old Bailey in those days did a fairly brisk trade in day rooms…

In my opinion, it’s the trainees who are the biggest beneficiaries of JD’s dysfunction. Not being attached to departments means trainees frequently hide in their corners, shirk work and avoid anybody who dares demand higher standards. The quality of work from trainees was appalling and their attitude off-putting but I don’t blame them – they work in a firm with no precedents or knowledge notes, no know-how lawyers, no structured training system, no appraisal system, no supervision and no sense of responsibility towards teams.

It’s wholly necessary to recognise how things really are amidst all the puffery of this website. It’s not easy.


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