Frustrated reporter blasts farcical court system in blistering Twitter rant

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By Thomas Connelly on

“The situation’s really pretty bad”


A court reporter has taken to Twitter to document his frustration over technophobe lawyers causing court delays and other irritations stemming from the under-funded judicial system.

Gareth Davies, who is the Croydon Advertiser’s “chief reporter”, was in attendance at his local court this morning — and things didn’t go well.

Davies opened his social media rant earlier today by relaying a discussion he participated in about what exactly a “kilobyte” was.

With the top legal minds in attendance struggling to come to any firm conclusion, Davies began to lose patience.

Davies then informed his followers that the case he was meant to be reporting on would be delayed for at least a month due to email troubles. He blamed law firm IT for this.

The possibly soon to be ex-court reporter then had to stop himself from yelling out from the public gallery in frustration at the events unfolding before him.

It appears that this isn’t the first time this has happened to Davies.

The journalist went on in a series of further tweets to argue that these delays make court reporting at “understaffed local papers” virtually impossible. But he was keen to point out that court staff are not always to blame.

Citing recent budget cuts to Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service, Davies raised concerns about the maintenance of “open justice”.

Giving his Twitter timeline a much needed break, Davies concluded: