Criminal law firm Kaim Todner to close next month

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By Katie King on

And highly rated outfit seeks placement for its current trainee

Leading criminal law practice Kaim Todner has announced that it will be closing in early March, swatting yet another training contract opportunity away from budding criminal lawyers.

The firm’s managing director, Karen Todner, shared the news on Twitter.

The eminent criminal firm will be remembered for its engagement in the world famous ‘Pentagon hacker’ case. Kaim Todner represented Gary McKinnon — the alleged mastermind of “the biggest military computer hack of all time” — for a decade. His lawyers managed to wangle him out of a hefty prison sentence of up to 60 years.

More recently, Kaim Todner was in the spotlight for its involvement in challenging the government’s botched legal aid procurement process. After it came to light that the Legal Aid Agency had employed inexperienced temps to make vital duty contract decisions, Kaim Todner and other irate firms — such as East London outfit SJ Law and barrister-led firm Kyles Legal Practice — made a well-publicised claim for judicial review.

Michael Gove eventually dropped the much-hated dual contract system that drove the judicial review challenge, but Todner — speaking to the Law Society Gazette — admitted that the campaign had been a “huge distraction” for the firm.

It’s a sad time for criminal lawyers, who took to Twitter to share their heartfelt thank yous and condolences.

Legal Cheek was interested in finding out what the firm’s closure means for budding criminal lawyers, given that it offers one training contract per year. When we spoke to University of Exeter law grad Todner about how the practice’s current trainee will be affected, she told us:

I’m actively working to find a placement for her elsewhere, and if that is not successful I will ensure that she is catered for.

When asked if that means she will likely move on to another criminal law firm, the human rights lawyer replied “yes”.