Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Friday 19 February

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


My brother got 19 years’ jail on a joint enterprise conviction. Now we want him home [The Guardian]

MPs call for probe into Cherie Blair’s law firm and HSBC over alleged money laundering after Mail revelations [Mail Online]

Nigel Knowles announces retirement from DLA Piper [The Lawyer]

The tables have turned on a US-based hoverboard maker that sued a Chinese competitor for patent infringement [BBC News]

The wheels of justice grind slow — especially in southern Europe [The Economist]

George Clooney wants to grow old and grey in England with glamorous lawyer wife Amal [The Mirror]

Christian couple sentenced to death for sending ‘blasphemous’ texts to an Islamic cleric in Pakistan say they were tortured into confessing to the crime [Mail Online]

Sadiq Khan: I represented ‘unsavoury individuals’ when I was a human rights lawyer [Evening Standard]

Germany bestiality law: challenge to ban on sex with animals thrown out of court [International Business Times]

Applications for Littleton Chambers’ mini-pupillage are currently being accepted [Legal Cheek Hub]

“How — if at all — does this outcome affect those cases in which a person dies at the hands of a group but the evidence can’t reveal which member of the group inflicted the fatal stab wound, kick, blow etc? Might murder charges be impossible in those circumstances?” [Legal Cheek Comments]