Morning round-up: Monday 15 February

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


Legal world reacts to the death of Justice Scalia [Wall Street Journal]

Justice Antonin Scalia’s death starts a battle for US Supreme Court control [The Economist]

New laws that aim to stop the UK being a magnet for money launderers should be applied retrospectively, leading anti-corruption organisations urge [The Guardian]

Government proposals to reform human rights are a solution without a problem [Law Society Gazette]

Court wants Muslim teenager at risk of becoming a jihadi bride in Syria to watch more TV to “learn about the wider world — including football and boys” [Mail Online]

GCHQ hacking phones and computers is legal, says top UK court [The Independent]

Barrister spends Valentine’s Day in London with husband [Mail Online]

I stopped eating animals because of human rights [Open Democracy]

Embattled copyright lawyer uses DMCA to remove article about himself [Arts Technica]

Drug dealer wrote “suck my c***” to judge on Facebook, judge orders him back to be re-sentenced [Metro]

Apply now for mini-pupillages at Henderson Chambers [Legal Cheek Hub]

“Kids in the middle get totally shafted in access to placements in law firms. If you’re well off and mummy and daddy have the right connections, no problem, have a few weeks at the firm. If you’re eligible for PRIME or similar scheme (which I support), there’s some hope of such an opportunity.” [Legal Cheek Comments]