Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Monday 29 February

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


Joshua Rozenberg: Supreme Court to sort out bedroom tax mess — but it won’t be easy [Legal Cheek]

Don’t be taken in by Project Fear, says Boris Johnson, staying in the EU is the risky choice [The Telegraph]

Barmaids, paperboys and handymen are barred: Employers advertising for jobs using sex based descriptions could be prosecuted under guidance from the equality watchdog [Mail Online]

Gap-year students are deciding asylum claims [The Observer]

Father who sexually assaulted his 13-month-old daughter Poppi Worthington shortly before her sudden death is given £117,000 legal aid to fund his bid for custody of his other children [Mail Online]

ICC’s first cultural destruction trial to open in The Hague [The Guardian]

Judge lets Romanian rapist back into Britain because it would break EU law to deport him back to his home country [Mail Online]

£1.6m in the bank for Cherie Blair’s law firm, thanks to advising “dictatorships” [The Telegraph]

In their quest for justice, true crime shows have forgotten the original victims [Quartz]

The new president of FIFA is a lawyer [BBC News]

Applications for Keating Chambers’ mini-pupillage close on Tuesday [Legal Cheek Hub]

“Let’s face it, the only way the [RollOnFriday] has survived is through getting old lawyer mates to pay for advertising. Everyone else thinks the site is a joke these days.” [Legal Cheek Comments]