Nottingham Trent law student wakes up in Barcelona after late night drinking binge

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Aspiring lawyer wakes up 800 miles from uni after getting kicked out of his student union

A Nottingham Trent second year law student took a little longer to get home from a night out at the student union than he expected — after he decided to travel back via Barcelona.

Defying the sensible law student stereotype, the student made the impromptu trip after he allegedly got into a drunken brawl at the Trent SU and was kicked out.

Speaking to student newspaper The Tab, he explained that he was searching for a warehouse party after being chucked out of the SU — something that is perfectly chronicled by the aspiring lawyer’s Twitter account.

He then somehow ended up at East Midlands airport, but we’re not quite sure how or why.

And then, lo and behold, the drunken student found himself stranded in the Spanish city, with nothing but a pound sterling to his name.

Speaking about that fateful night, the student — who is now safely home — explained:

I was absolutely bollocksed but the last thing I remember is waking up on the plane. I tried to ask them to turn the plane around but they said no. I then woke up at like 5:00pm on Sunday so obviously I must have had a late one.

But the ordeal didn’t end there. The student — who is originally from Cardiff — had to camp out at a hostel where he did laundry for rent, before facing a devastating flight cancellation because of a strike in France. He said:

My loan dropped but I need to save money so it’s a bit peak.

But it’s not all bad news, and he has taken a positive outlook on the whole experience. He says:

I just think it’s hilarious so I’m not too fussed really. Life is not about the amount of breaths you take, it’s about the moments that take your breath away, and my breath has been taken away, that’s for sure.

But not everyone is convinced by these version of events.

As pointed out by the commenters on The Tab, it’s hard to imagine that a young man in such a state would’ve passed through airport security. Another comment pointed out that there are no direct flights from East Midlands airport to Barcelona.


When Legal Cheek asked the student for a comment about his Spanish experience, he told us:

Barcelona is a beautiful city. I don’t want anything else published relating to The Tab’s story though.

With his Twitter account jam-packed with the everyday woes of life as a second year law student — and with vac scheme deadlines fast approaching — maybe the stressed out student just needed a break. At least, unlike Samia Ahmad, he got to sample life in Spain.

Spare a thought for fellow student, the young woman from King’s College who wanted to destress with an old-school, traditional, wafer-filled KitKat — only to find that she now has to gear up for litigation. Some students have all the luck.