Wragge & Co gear up for Gowling WLG name switch

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Newly formed international firm will continue to “review” training contract numbers post merger


Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co is about to bite the bullet and implement a firm wide rebrand, after revealing last summer it was to merge with Canadian outfit Gowlings.

Punting for the name Gowling WLG — catchy, we know — international outfit Wragge & Co will combine forces with the Ottawa-headquartered corporate all-rounder.

Not to be confused with Preston conveyancing solicitors Gowlings, the new super-sized firm will be home to over 1,400 lawyers across 18 offices.

For students this side of the pond who are unfamiliar with Gowlings, the firm is one of Canada’s leading corporate law firms.

Gowlings is a popular name. Not only is there the Preston conveyancing firm, there’s also a flooring specialist based in Northampton with the same name. Formed in 1887, the law firm has offices across Canada, Moscow, Beijing and London.

Wragge & Co — who merged with London firm Lawrence Graham in 2014 — offer 30 training contracts annually and have UK bases in both London and Birmingham as well as 11 international outposts in eight different countries.

Keen to find out if the newly formed international outfit would up trainee numbers, Legal Cheek spoke to Chloe Lloyd, graduate recruitment manager at Wragge & Co. She says:

We keep our trainee numbers under review to make sure that both their needs and those of the business are being met. We will continue to keep them under review following our combination with Gowlings to form Gowling WLG.

With the firm revealing that the new rebrand could go live at “the end of the month”, law students who like the look of Wragge & Co — and who might like to apply to the firm for training contracts — need to be on the look out for Gowling WLG.



Not a fan of the name but at least they got the new website right



Still a shite firm.

Up there with Dentons, Pinsents, DLA Pipers and other McDonald-like “top” City firms.



You jelly son?

Getting a TC is hard, I know, but you gotta keep on trying!



I am in my second seat.


Tudor Street Insider

Well then I don’t see why you have such a chip on your shoulder.

Dismissing other firms as ‘shite’ is a universally accepted sign of insignificant genitalia. I’m sorry.


Lord Dyson

Any firm willing to pay ~£60k to a 24-year old paper pusher is a perfectly decent one in my eyes.

Unless you work for Wachtell Lipton, Cravath or some other Wall Street titan, I suggest you kindly shut the fuck up.



Denton Wilde Sapte was a mid-tier firm, so it’s a notch above those other firms.



Pinsents or DLA Piper are perfectly within that bracket too.



With like 10 other offices doing regional work? Mkay.



All the while having some 11 and 70 international offices, respectively, around the world.

Epic fail, pinhead.

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