YouGov research shows the majority of people fancy themselves as judges

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By Katie King on

Stress of the job doesn’t put them off


New research shows that the most people think they’d make pretty good judges.

A survey by market researcher YouGov has revealed that more than two-thirds of people (68%) think that — with a little bit of training — they would make a good criminal court judge, and around 63% of those people think they’d quite enjoy the job.

Do you think, given appropriate training, you’d make a good criminal court judge?


Maybe it’s the power and the prestige that attracts people to a career in law, but in a profession plagued by long working hours, difficult subject matter and tough deadlines, stress is all too commonplace, from which even judges aren’t immune.

While the Ministry of Justice might not care, our judges will no doubt be heartened to discover that the public feels their pain: half of all respondents believe that the quality of judges’ decision-making is affected by just how knackered they are — and almost all (94%) admit that they would feel the same way.

Do you think judges are significantly affected in their decisions by how tired they are?


With Lord Dyson’s unexpected decision to stand down as Master of Rolls over the weekend, maybe now is the perfect time to get studying and forge yourself a career at the judiciary.