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By Katie King on

Prince Harry to study law at Yale?

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Rumours are swelling that Prince Harry is planning on studying law at Yale University, and — understandably — the news has sent students at the Ivy League campus into a spin.

The 31-year-old is reportedly considering enrolling at the prestigious American law school (pictured below) — ranked the best in the country — after he leaves the army.

The move is unexpected, not least given the rigorous academic standards demanded by Yale. Richard Mineards, royal-watcher, quipped that the Queen’s grandson is “not the brightest bulb in the palace chandelier”. He achieved a B and a D for his A-levels in art and geography — results that fall well below those demanded by top law schools.

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Though Kensington Palace is denying the claims, the US press just isn’t so sure that this is just speculation. Speaking to Page Six, one alumnus said that:

Everyone was talking about it around the campus. Big buzz!

Rumour also has it that Prince Harry — who was once in a relationship with Leeds law grad and ex-Allen & Overy trainee Chelsea Davy — could be helped along the way by none other than Tony Blair. The husband of a top QC and a former lecturer at Yale — with a jurisprudence degree under his belt, too — Blair is reported to have helped his son bag a $92,000 scholarship at the university in 2006. It’s now claimed he might help smooth the admissions process for the Prince with legal papers in his eyes.