Cambridge law grad Miss Hong Kong kicked out of spring ball over imposter claims

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It’s Ball-gate as Louisa Mak and entourage are escorted out of the building by security


A Cambridge University law graduate who bagged the accolade of ‘Miss Hong Kong 2015’ was kicked out of an exclusive university ball over claims she was an imposter.

Louisa Mak — who studied law at the top university between 2011 and 2014 — was crowned Miss Hong Kong last year.

According to student newspaper The Tab, Mak arrived at the Cambridge Union’s Spring Ball last Saturday, with an entourage consisting of two cameramen, a lighting assistant and other hangers on.

Despite Mak’s attendance not being “disclosed”, it seems the former law student’s arrival was warmly welcomed — initially, at least.

Greeted by outgoing union president James Hutt, the pair exchanged small talk, while other guests — apparently bemused that a TV crew from the Chinese territory had turned up — looked on.


However, problems arose when members of Mak’s crew allegedly tried to muscle in on the free bar. Then a rumour began circulating the event that Mak wasn’t the real Miss Hong Kong.

According to reports, one partygoer was even overheard to say that the “actual Miss Hong Kong has much better teeth”.

Event organisers — evidently unable to ignore the whispers anymore — quickly escorted Mak and her entourage into a side room, and asked everyone to present their press passes. When they were unable to do so, security guards were called. They then escorted the group out.


Despite rumours persisting, it is now clear that Mak is in fact Miss Hong Kong 2015. A quick glance of her social media presence shows a vast following, with over 63,000 on Instagram and almost 22,000 on Facebook. What’s not so clear is what really happened at Ball-gate 2016.

The student union declined to comment.

Images via The Tab.