Exclusive legal profession poll: 75% want to stay in EU

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By Alex Aldridge on

Survey of 1,000 lawyers and law students shows massive opposition to Brexit


The overwhelming majority of the legal profession wants to remain within the EU — but there is notably more willingness to countenance a Brexit among barristers than solicitors.

Legal Cheek‘s survey of over 1,000 lawyers and law students has shown that overall 75.22% (753) want to stay in the EU and 24.78% (248) want to leave.

Overall results: Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?


Law students are the most Europhile, with 80.65% backing a remain vote on 23 June.


Barristers, meanwhile, are the most inclined to back a Brexit — 65% want to stay and 35% want to go.


And solicitors are somewhere in between, with 75.27% favouring a continuation of the UK’s current European Union membership.


The preferences of trainee solicitors and pupil barristers were similar, so we have lumped them into a single group: 75.93% are pro-remain and 24.07% pro-Brexit


Other groups which answered in smaller numbers — and so were excluded from the headline findings — include judges (60% remain), paralegals (83% remain) and legal apprentices (50% remain).