How do you play a networking event?

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The debatable usefulness of small talk over a glass of wine


In the latest instalment in our career conundrums series, one law student asks Legal Cheek readers for advice on whether networking events are really that useful?


Every single networking event I’ve ever been to has ended in disaster. For the first few, I spent most my time on my phone in the corner because I was too scared to talk to anyone. After a pep talk to myself, I plucked up the courage at a bar networking event to talk to a QC over drinks, but I managed to make a total fool out of myself and I couldn’t think of any decent questions. I’ve read so many stories about contacts and work experience people have managed to back from these types of events so I always reluctantly sign up to them, then end up regretting it the second I get there. Are they really that much of a good opportunity, or can I sack them altogether?

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