Inns of Court quietly open applications for big money Graduate Diploma in Law scholarships

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Over half a million quid up for grabs for wannabe lawyers


A huge cash giveaway gets underway this week that sees around £600,000 handed out to wannabe lawyers due to start the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) this autumn.

The holders of the purse strings are the four Inns of Court — Inner Temple, Gray’s Inn, Middle Temple and Lincoln’s Inn — which between them subsidise the education of aspiring barristers.

But Inns of Court being charmingly traditional Inns of Court, who find it rather vulgar to talk about money, the scholarships tend not to be well-publicised.

The result is that many potential top QCs of the future who lack independent means (or parents at the bar who know about the scholarships) miss out on this subsidised route into the profession.

Marketing savvy City law firms — which work hard to promote the generous law school sponsorship packages that they offer — are usually delighted to hoover up such individuals.

Happily, one of the more progressive Inns, Inner Temple, sent a press release around yesterday to flag up that the GDL scholarships are open.

A peruse of its website shows that it is offering students over £200,000 for their GDL year. Meanwhile, Lincoln’s has over £150,000 and Gray’s has £119,000. Middle Temple doesn’t put numbers on its website, but we assume it provides a similar amount. So that makes around £600,000.

It’s worth noting that all scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit, but Inner and Middle also take need into account when determining some awards.

Apply for here Inner, Middle, Lincoln’s or Gray’s — you must select just one — and reduce the chances of an Inn of Court awarding loads of money to the offspring of one of its senior members.

Applications for Inns GDL scholarships close on Friday 6 May. Scholarships for the BPTC can be applied for in autumn.






Holla at your boy



What do Inner and Middle need to take into account? Secondly, every university that teaches law or the Bar finals (I can’t remember the latest name for this) is notified of the existence of the scholarships at each Inn. It simply is not true to say that they are not publicised; they are publicised directly to the specific interest group affected. It would be so nice if Legal Cheek would just once take the time and trouble to check its facts before rushing to publish.



You obviously don’t understand the article/can’t read. In answer to your first question, they take NEED into account, which is exactly what it says above. Secondly, these are scholarships for non-law students hoping to pursue a career at the Bar. They aren’t currently being taught within university law faculties, where this stuff is likely to be publicised. On that basis, “it would be so nice if Gladiatrix would just once take the time and trouble to check its facts before rushing to publish.”



The GDL is taught at universities that offer law degrees and the Bar Finals within their law faculties, so the students at those universities will be told about the GDL scholarships by the law faculties. So my comment stands.

I don’t think I misread the sentence about need and think it has been corrected.

I am not an it.

Did you leave your good manners at home?



I self-define as an ‘it’. I find your comment offensive.



Did you leave your reading glasses at home?

The students are studying in the law faculty. Is it really that difficult to understand that because of that, many people don’t hear about the money?



Speaking as someone who is now on the GDl, the law faculty did not publicise to non-law faculties about anything, let alone the minute area of GDL scholarships. I found the scholarships. So your comment does not stand.


Struan Campbell

It might be worth being clear; the Inner Temple awards all scholarships against a set criteria. For Major and Exhibition scholarships the Inn takes into account applicant’s resources and need (such as other financial support) when allocating the amount.

For GDL awards the Inn also runs a guaranteed funding scheme. Students who are successful in obtaining an award for their GDL year, who successfully complete the GDL course, and who thereafter obtain a place on a BPTC course, will on application automatically receive an award of the same amount for the BTPC year, without further interview. They will be welcome to apply for a higher award for their BTPC.
More information is on the Inn’s website at



If you don’t know about inns scholarships, you don’t deserve one.


Not Amused

I think LC do a great deal of good by publicising things like this.



Remember LC, the first rule of the Inns club is that you don’t talk about the Inns club…


State School and Redbrick (at the Bar)

I remember learning about the BVC scholarships from. Fellow student, two days before the closing date!

I applied, got an interview and bagged one of Gray’s top scholarships which in those days paid for the BVC with four-figure change left over!



woohoo for you.


State School and Redbrick (at the Bar)

Indeed, woohoo for me! I won’t argue with that!

Point of the post being, however, I had no idea they existed until two days before the deadline as the publicity at my uni was non existent.


Public School and Oxbridge (at the bar)

How very dare you!




I have my Inns interview today!!


State School and Redbrick (at the Bar)

Very best of luck 🙂



Good Luck 🙂



I’d like a yellow boat, please – with extra motors.


Lyle of the Common or Garden sort

I self identify as hard of hearing and reading, and find the above comments illegible


Scouser of Counsel

I self-define as corpulent.


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