Morning round-up: Monday 14 March

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


Magistrate sacked over same-sex adoption views plans legal action [BBC News]

Boris Johnson: Americans would never accept EU sovereignty restrictions — so why should we? [The Telegraph]

EU referendum: Brexit would prompt “regulationfest” of replacing Brussels bureaucracy, leading lawyers warn [The Independent]

Junior doctors’ contract to be challenged in courts [The Guardian]

Donald Trump may pay legal fees for 78-year-old supporter who sucker-punched black protester [Mail Online]

Cherie’s right-hand woman quits controversial law firm [Mail Online]

Man sentenced for racial abuse after calling parking warden “English” [Metro]

Man convicted of running a prostitution ring with his mom serves just 10 years out of his 30 year prison sentence because his lawyer slept through his trial [Mail Online]

After Apple, the Justice Department is targeting WhatsApp over encryption [The Next Web]

“It’s not the system that’s wrong. It’s the bastards on the bench” [Justice Gap]

“Every provider is starting to do this. Give it 5 years and we’ll start seeing PhD being offered instead.” [Legal Cheek Comments]