Morning round-up: Monday 7 March

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


Trump on torture laws: I want to expand them [Politico]

Prisoners have been handed a massive £9million in taxpayers’ cash in compensation claims for accidents that happen behind bars [Mail Online]

A UK conflict tribunal would end the current legal mess [The Guardian]

Lawyers get £246m from NHS in a year for medical blunders [The Mirror]

Justice secretary Michael Gove warns EU risks making it harder to identify terrorists and accuses Brussels of fuelling “Hitler worshippers” [The Independent]

Disgraced former judge Constance Briscoe caught speeding in her BMW sports car [The Telegraph]

Jon Robins: Outraged by the £400,000 given to Becky Watts’ killers in legal aid? You shouldn’t be [The Independent]

Amal Clooney has been sent death threats after representing jailed Maldivian president [Metro]

Home Office plays the long — and costly — game to deport 70-year-old widow [Al’s Law]

How to become a Law Lord: Baroness Hale is speaking at City Law School on Tuesday 15 March. Sign up to attend here [City University]

Last few places for ‘Commercial Awareness Question Time — with Hardwicke and RPC’ [Legal Cheek Hub]

“The great irony is that the plum corporate jobs these students ultimately long for are the modern equivalent of plantation-owning. The only difference is that the (very real) slaves of finance capitalism are kept far away from the air-conditioned offices of the Harvard elite.” [Legal Cheek Comments]