Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Thursday 31 March

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


Jean Charles de Menezes: Family of Tube shooting victim lose human rights case [The Telegraph]

Donald Trump wants to make abortion illegal [The Independent]

Is English common law at risk of becoming out of date? [BBC News]

Ban on legal highs delayed over concerns law is not enforceable [The Guardian]

Spray paint it is then [Twitter]

Former Newcastle boss Alan Pardew accused of giving “untrue” evidence to Gutierrez tribunal [Northern Echo]

Sir Elton John slams ‘baseless’ sexual harassment legal action [BBC News]

Bill Cosby to face civil trial over Janice Dickinson allegations [The Telegraph]

Meet the corporate lawyer who paid $7million for the Rolling Stones to play in Cuba — and they didn’t even play his favorite song [Mail Online]

The deadline for Dentons training contract applications for non-law students and graduates is the 31 March [Legal Cheek Hub]

“A wasted career. All probably because her bosses created an environment where mistakes weren’t accepted. Her actions are inexcusable, but she clearly felt this was the more attractive route than owning up to what had actually happened.” [Legal Cheek comments]