Morning round-up: Tuesday 1 March

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


Surveillance law: Revised plans to be set out in Parliament [BBC News]

‘Privacy shield’ — the new deal governing how Europe’s user data is sent to the US [The Guardian]

Tony Blackburn’s lawyer threatens to sue BBC director general Lord Hall for defamation [The Mirror]

National Audit Office attacks justice system inefficiencies and delays [The Guardian]

William Hague: What are the chances of a better EU deal after voting Out? Zero [The Telegraph]

Human rights are more likely to come from the EU than the Tories [Left Foot Forward]

Why the SRA’s education reforms inhibit innovation [Legal Business]

US Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas asks question for first time in 10 years [Wall Street Journal]

New York judge rules US can’t force Apple to help unlock an iPhone [Gizmodo]

Female golfer who was banned from her club after being accused of discriminating against a breastfeeding mother wins an appeal against the ruling [Mail Online]

Norton Rose Fulbright seeks research analysts [Legal Cheek Jobs]

“The bedroom tax is fair and just when applied properly. It should not be a one size fits all system. It is plain common sense that disabled people should not have to have their benefits cut. There is a problem when single people occupy 4 bedroom houses whilst families live 5 to a bedroom.” [Legal Cheek Comments]