ULaw’s triple advocacy blunder: three emails sent to LPC students warning of material prep errors

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Free printing credits offered to appease disgruntled students


Stressed out Legal Practice Course (LPC) students were this week hit with a triple whammy of exam material errors, after the top London law school was forced to amend crucial assessment papers a total of three times.

Students at the Moorgate-based branch of the University of Law (ULaw) were sent a copy of a fake trial bundle last week, vital exam prep material (pictured below) needed for their summative advocacy assessment.


That day, an amended version of the bundle was redistributed to the LPC students.


Unfortunately, two days after the original email was sent out, the university sent out yet another amended version of the papers, after spotting “some further errors”.


But it wasn’t over yet. Just yesterday, students were sent another email highlighting “one final issue in the papers”.

An apology was then issued for these various errors, and told the students that they would be given additional printing credits to make up for the “inconvenience and cost” of printing extra papers.


Given the multiple mishaps and with exam season fast approaching, it’s not surprising that some ULaw students are feeling frustrated. An LPC student at the university told Legal Cheek:

My disappointment with the University of Law continues to reach new heights. This is a course they charge £14,000 for in Moorgate and yet continue to make frequent careless mistakes.

Regarding yesterday’s events, the source explained that ULaw:

[R]evised our summative advocacy assessment for the third time due to mistakes and typos causing a great deal of frustration for those who have printed and prepped for the 31 page assessment. Students are regularly trying to complain and give feedback but are getting routine, meaningless responses back from management. There are a lot of people feeling very angry and very helpless.

When we reached out to the law school for comment on this triple blunder, ULaw’s National Programme and Student Affairs Director, LPC, Amanda Desforges, said:

I can confirm that we have been made aware of errors in an advocacy assessment paper which starts a week today. We aim to provide papers seven days before the assessment but appreciate that some students had started working on the papers already and we have apologised for any inconvenience this may have caused.