BPP law student caught dealing cannabis to fund lawyer dream

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By Thomas Connelly on

Police discovered 28 wraps of cannabis hidden in the roof lining of his car


A BPP University Law School student who was caught with 28 wraps of cannabis hidden in the roof of his car is set to see his ambition to become a lawyer go up in smoke.

Firase Morgan — an LLB student from Marylebone, London — was caught red-handed by police officers after he attempted to the supply the class B drug to a member of staff at a Knightsbridge boozer.

The unnamed female was seen leaving The Gloucester pub on upmarket Sloane Street — stopping only to use a cash machine — before then entering the aspiring lawyer’s vehicle. A short time elapsed, before police observed the woman exit the vehicle with two small white containers.

Deeming the actions suspicious, Police approached Morgan’s car. Noting that there was a strong smell of cannabis emanating from the vehicle, officers conducted a thorough search, discovering 28 wraps of cannabis hidden in the lining of the roof.

Prior to the incident the 24 year-old appeared to be a model law student. Not only is he an ambassador for London-based legal charity Just for Kids Law, but Morgan also had a brush with politics, standing in two local council elections, on behalf of Labour, back in 2014.

Conducting a further search of Morgan’s bedroom, officers discovered £1,000 in cash, which they suspect is the proceeds of earlier drug deals. The BPP student told them that the cash was his only source of income and was his “student finance”.

The wannabe lawyer pleaded guilty to possessing 28 wraps of cannabis, with intent to supply, earlier this week at Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court. He also admitted to supplying the class B drug to the unnamed female.

Told to return to court on April 21, Morgan complained about having a holiday to Andorra booked on that date. Unsympathetic to the law student’s predicament, District Judge Mike Snow responded:

If you commit serious crime that’s one of the things you miss out on.