Lancaster law student believed to have died fighting for ISIS

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By Katie King on

Khalif Shariff enrolled at the law school in 2014, but abandoned his LLB to flee to Syria


A first year law student and his brother are both believed to have been killed fighting for extremist group ISIS in Syria.

It has been reported that 21 year-old Khalif Shariff — who enrolled as a first year law student in 2014 — fled to Syria with his younger brother Abdulrahman, 18, about a year and a half ago. Their parents were apparently informed by ISIS militants that Abdulrahman had died fighting for the terrorist group, and they now fear that his older brother Khalif has also been killed.

Jamilah Ali, a friend of the family, explained:

The younger boy has died in the fighting. But now Khalif is also missing.

She continued:

Their mother told me, ‘I don’t know whether he is alive or dead. It’s breaking my heart’. She’s shattered and in pieces and is crying all the time.

A spokesman for Lancaster University confirmed that the former Apple worker:

was enrolled as a first year student in the autumn of 2014 but left the University shortly after the commencement of his course.

They did not confirm, however, whether or not he had died. According to the chairman of the Ramadhan Foundation, Mohammed Shafiq, ISIS has confirmed Abdulrahman has been killed and that his law student brother is “presumed dead”.