Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Tuesday 19 April

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


MoJ plan for legal aid residence test thrown out by Supreme Court [The Guardian]

QC’s ex-wife “living on benefits” loses fight for bigger divorce payout [Evening Standard]

EU referendum: Michael Gove to argue leaving EU would liberate UK [BBC News]

That’s dedication [Twitter]

Celebrity threesome injunction lifted but couple’s identities remain a secret [The Telegraph]

The super-injunction could be on the way back [The Independent]

Brexit wouldn’t stop football stars moving to Premier League, top lawyer says [The Express]

We need to fix our toxic rape laws before the names of more innocent men are trashed [The Telegraph]

Why white-collar criminals think the Panama Papers won’t change shit [Vice]

Henderson Chambers is hiring pupils [Legal Cheek Hub]

“Those who voted land law as harder than evidence have clearly never studied the latter. As someone who generally does quite well in most modules, the rules on character evidence and hearsay absolutely boggle my mind.” [Legal Cheek Comments]