Aberdeen second year makes Scottish law degree sound like a walk in the park

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By Katie King on

*books train to Edinburgh*


An LLB student at the University of Aberdeen has penned an article about doing the Scottish law degree, and she makes it sound like a piece of piss.

Writing for the Law Society of Scotland, law student Rachael Wagg — in a move that may actually be unprecedented — actually, genuinely, really said that law is NOT one of the hardest undergrad degrees.

You see, law students are usually unparalleled in their whinging and moaning about how difficult their degree is. Just a few days ago, Legal Cheek reported that an Oxford Brookes final year lawyer — one who was, interestingly, voluntarily infected with typhoid — had described the LLB as “obviously” the hardest degree, while dismissing Bachelor of Arts degrees (BAs) as “so much easier”.

That’s why Wagg’s surprisingly cheery piece caught our eye. Making for both refreshing and almost unsettling reading, the second year Scottish student, when asked if law is “one of the hardest degrees”, replied:

To put it simply — no. It’s all a matter of perspective — different things are hard to different people. If you are genuinely interested in the law, then it won’t be difficult.

The family law enthusiast also described the course as “very interesting” and says she would “highly recommend it”.

Other shocking lines include “there’s some Latin, but only a small amount and you’re not expected to remember much of it — just a few words here and there” and “you do have to remember case names, but this isn’t any different to other degrees where you’re having to remember specific terminology or dates”.

But our absolute highlight is this:

[T]here’s a lot of reading but the vast majority of the people don’t actually do all the reading anyway.

Is legal education up in Scotland a piece of cake? Or is Wagg just the least moany law student ever?