Can you make it to the magic circle without a Russell Group degree?

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And even if you do, will your partnership prospects be damaged?


In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, one law student with partnership ambitions asks Legal Cheek readers what she is doing wrong.


I read on Legal Cheek that magic and silver circle partners are overwhelmingly dominated by Oxbridge and Russell Group grads. I plan on becoming a partner at a leading law firm by the age of 35 (at the latest), but I don’t know if I stand a chance up against the reams of Oxbridge candidates. Back when I was applying for university, I didn’t really understand how important a law school’s ranking was, so I just selected five universities in cities that I liked. I only received two offers, and now I’m in my final year at a very average university where I hope to achieve a first class degree. However, even though I’ve applied for vac schemes and training contracts at all five magic circle firms, I’ve had no luck. Is it because of the university that I’m at? Should I do another degree at another university? Or if I work really hard at my LPC, will I be alright?

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