Cardiff first year encourages other law students to stop being boring and to go on nights out during exam period

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By Katie King on

It’s easier to pull during exam season, apparently


A law student from the University of Cardiff has told his peers to stop being boring and start getting drunk and going out during exam time.

Benjamin McNeil, who is currently in his first year studying law and French, thinks there’s nothing wrong with hitting the dance floor during the notoriously stressful exam period, and even argues this unconventional approach to exams “has some perks”.

Classic drinking games, he says, can make useful revision tools. Writing for The Tab, the Russell Group uni student explains:

Replace your deck of cards with court cases, complex medical terms, or equations and you’ve got the foundations for the kind of drinking games that your lecturers would be proud of.

And if it’s a full-blown night out during exam week you’re after, McNeil (pictured below) can justify that one too. Student clubs are — for good reason — a ghost town during the assessment period, so the Cardiff fresher urges thrill-seekers to take advantage. No queues for clubs, no rush for taxis or Ubers.


Pulling is easier too, according to McNeil, who last year wrote an article about speculated changes to students’ access to porn through university wifi Eduroam. Students out at this time are hoping for a “de-stress bang to clear their head”. In McNeil’s words, an exam period clubbing session is:

an opportunity to make the phrase ‘I’m fucked for exams’ a very literal one.

We’re not convinced he’ll take the same approach when it comes to the final year trusts and equity exam.