Morning round-up: Friday 20 May

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By Legal Cheek Reporter on

The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


The day free speech drowned in a paddling pool of olive oil… outrage at celeb threesome gagging verdict [The Sun]

How Labour’s Human Rights Act morphed into a privacy law [The Telegraph]

Celebrity threesome: Twitter warns against illegal tweets [The Guardian]

Joshua Rozenberg: The celebrity threesome case risks undermining the law [The Guardian]

The junior doctors contract could still be challenged in the courts despite a compromise agreement having been reached between the British Medical Association (BMA) and the government [BuzzFeed]

The European Court just backed the UK’s unlimited immigration detention policy [Rights Info]

Google takes right to be forgotten battle to France’s highest court [BBC News]

A new law on “plain” cigarette packages is coming in today [BBC News]

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“What on earth are law students doing not knowing the headline points of the referendum and Cameron’s deal?? If there was anyone who *didn’t* know enough about the referendum to answer that question they should be ashamed of themselves…” [Legal Cheek comments]