Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Monday 9 May

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


David Cameron: Brexit could lead to Europe descending into war [The Telegraph]

The City lawyer appointed as the new head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission must “keep an eye” on any potential conflicts of interest [The Guardian]

Top barrister slams “delicate Oxford flowers” as uni’s law faculty gives “trigger warnings” before lectures about violent cases [Legal Cheek]

Rise of a solicitor: The Sadiq Khan story [BBC News Magazine]

Greece looks to international justice to regain Parthenon marbles from UK [The Guardian]

What crimes would Katie Hopkins be committing by streaking with a sausage up her bum? [The Secret Barrister]

The Panama Papers leaker speaks out, with a tantalizing offer for law enforcement [Quartz]

Britons want cannabis to be legalised — change is inevitable, says ex-minister [The Observer]

If this celebrity injunction continues, it will be the law that’s fallen out of bed [The Observer]

“We Americans no longer take orders from you”: New York Observer publishes very blunt response to British soccer player’s legal demand for story about purchase of NYC townhouse to be deleted [Mail Online]

Applications are open for ‘Commercial Awareness Question Time: EU referendum special — with Shearman & Sterling’ [Legal Cheek Hub]

“Don’t read law if you cannot tolerate learning about the unpleasant things in life.” [Legal Cheek Comments]