Revealed: Britain’s most influential law student, as voted for by you

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Hundreds of Legal Cheek readers cast their vote, but who’s nabbed the crown?


Ted Loveday (pictured below) has emerged as the country’s most influential aspiring lawyer, as chosen by you.

The Legal Cheek team shortlisted Britain’s top law students last week, including big name students Ntokozo Qwabe, the ‘Rhodes Must Fall in Oxford’ campaigner, and former X Factor hopeful Garry Caprani.


Readers voted in their hundreds over the weekend, with the loveable University Challenge champion emerging to snatch the title as most influential aspiring lawyer. The future Maitland Chambers pupil barrister captured the hearts of the nation last year when he led Cambridge’s Caius College to victory in the brainy quiz show. As if that wasn’t achievement enough, Loveday can now boast that he secured 109 (18%) of the 612 total votes cast in our survey.

Narrowly missing out on the crown is City University’s Josh Hepple. The Legal Practice Course (LPC) student, who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, has been at the forefront of the crusade for equal disability rights, and hopes to forge a career in the competitive human rights law industry. He came in at second place with 86 (14%) of the vote.

In third with 61 votes (10%) is Deon Fang, manager of sassy Oxford University a capella group Out of the Blue. 11 votes behind him is Saffron Sheriff — fitness sensation and the UK’s most followed law student — with 50 votes (8%). Rounding off our top five is Bristol final year and Commonwealth Games medallist Jazmin Sawyers, with 43 votes (7%).

An honourable mention goes to ex-plumber and ‘Student of Law’ David T Wade, who very narrowly missed out on a spot in the prestigious top five.



Why is Legal Cheek making the legal profession out to be some equivalent of the X Factor?



It’s just a laugh, chill out.



I have to agree. It’s degrading to the law profession having ‘Hottest Barrister’ and ‘Lawyer of the Year’ etc. The law profession isn’t about showbiz.



Nah, it’s not particularly funny.



Tell that to “Judge” Rinder.



That is as ghastly a combination of haircut and jumper as one could hope never to see.


Dr Bonham

Well you’re a dick



Very high calibre response, give yourself a pat on the back



Influential? Is that really the right word to describe any of the individuals nominated?



Totally agree! I was hoping for a list of inspiring future lawyers who are influential in the profession and at student level…



Next week, Legal Cheek’s Most Influential Packet of Sausages


Scraping the Pork-Barrel

Walls Microwaveable, surely? You can get two packets of 6 for three quid in Iceland…



Took it too far.



Or, aspiring lawyers.

I’ve already been named as a BNOC (Big name on campus) on ‘The Tab’. I’m very well known for parading around in lingerie in the fashion show, was featured in Tatler’s bystander section, and was named as an ‘eligible bachelorette’ by both publications.

I also have really nice hair and well-developed mammary glands.

Personally, I believe that LC lacks variety. It would be excellent to have a sociology student featured here.


Lord Harley of Counsel

109 votes is hardly a crushing mandate.

I have 10,000 clients but the SRA disregard them.


Lord Hardly of Anything

Because the SRA disregard you, and your inflated self-importance


Lord Harley of Counsel

Ignorant cretin.



I’ve met Ted, he’s a nice guy.

This poll is idiotic though.



He is! He trashed our team on UC, but very humble and sweet.



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



And there was me thinking this was going to be really influential aspiring lawyers…

But then again it is legal cheek so I’m not really sure why I bothered clicking on the link!


Sanjay Malhotrah

Man like Garry Caprani put on his FB that he was voted ‘the third most influential law student’ based on the article preceding this one, even though said article stated ‘in no particular order’. LOL. Now LC actually release the order (and he’s no where near third place) he’s gone missing.


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