Almost HALF of the British people don’t believe the current UK justice system is fair

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By Thomas Connelly on

And 80% feel it’s “too expensive”


Almost half of the British people do not believe the current UK justice system is fair, according to the results of survey published last week.

ClaimItOnline, a new online dispute resolution service launched by Leeds-based lawyer James Martin, questioned more than 1,000 people — nearly half of whom had been to court in the past — to ascertain their views and opinions on the current justice system.

Of those questioned, 47% felt the current UK justice system was “not fair”. Meanwhile a whopping 80% were of the opinion that the current set up was not only “too expensive” but failed adequately to assist those who were unable to afford “expensive legal fees”.

The survey also revealed that while 78% believe it takes too long to conclude a case, more than half (52%) felt the current UK justice system did not properly support victims and witnesses.

Respondents mentioned a number of further issues with the current system. Among them were “complicated” court procedures and the high levels of stress involved in resolving disputes.

James Martin, founder and director at ClaimItOnline, said:

The civil justice system is failing most people. It’s excruciatingly slow, stressful and complicated, and legal fees can be seven times the amount people are trying to claim.