BPP’s legal research exam thrown into chaos as LexisNexis goes down during assessment

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Exclusive: LPC students left unable to access vital online law library


BPP Law School’s practical legal research (PLR) examination was thrown into chaos yesterday after students were unable to access online legal resource website LexisNexis.

Legal Practice Course (LPC) students at BPP’s Holborn branch were in the middle of their PLR assessment when the site — popular with both students and lawyers — went down.

Those sitting the exam were given a problem question on Monday morning and had just two days to complete and submit their research for marking. As you can probably imagine being unable to access what is presumably the one site now not blocked at BPP was not exactly helpful for students.

In an email (pictured below) sent to panic-stricken students yesterday afternoon, and subsequently acquired by Legal Cheek, the law school acknowledged that LexisNexis was having some technical difficulties and provided students with emergency login details.


One LPC student affected by the problem, and wishing to remain anonymous, told Legal Cheek:

I expended a lot of energy yesterday afternoon getting angry with my computer. I assumed the problem was at my end until we got the email from BPP. They responded pretty quickly to the problem which is encouraging, though I wouldn’t have said no to an extension. I just hope this isn’t a choreographed stunt to teach us a lesson about not leaving things until the last minute: I didn’t pay £15k for lessons in real life.

A BPP University Law School spokesperson said:

We have alerted LexisNexis that students are completing the PLR assessment at the moment. Temporary login details have been provided to students as an interim measure.


Mungo Berry

Could just look in the books. The old fashioned way!!



…And softly in the distance we hear the noise of ten thousand 45+ year old qualified lawyers screaming ‘so the fuck what?’..



To be honest, even as a relatively young law student, it’s frequently easier if in the library to go and get the book than search online. But then I may happen to like the feel of a good book.



Its actually a really good exam if that happened because its more likely to replicate the reality of working in a law firm when the IT goes to shit at a vital moment.


Corbyn's bearded scrotum

Thanks for this.






This exact thing happened at Ulaw. They pushed back the deadline and gave us three days to do a 24 hour take-home exam as a result. I’m not complaining.

The LPC providers should warn the databases that a legal research exam is coming up, and that thousands of extra people will be using the service. The databases should then make sure that the services stay up during the exam time.


Lethargic Bystander

BPP is as much a university as a Wimpy is a Michelin-starred restaurant. Not even a publicly (under-)funded university in a random threshold country could produce the number of cockups that this outfit routinely generates. Time for the Inns and the real universities to reclaim legal education.


BPP Student

I agree…
I sat the Case Analysis Test for the GDL at BPP on Saturday and there was a massive server issue. People had to go downstairs to IT to sort the issue out, whilst the invigilators started the exam. There were people sauntering in and out of the exam…

I’ve never seen anything like it. That just would not have happened at my undergraduate university. I understand there are IT issues sometimes, but the general behaviour, attitude and decision making of the invigilators left something to be desired…


Lygo's helper

I wholly agree with what you say, BPP is an utter pit.

But I disagree with the general tone of this article – its a typical LC sensationalist pile of crap. People who did the PLR/LW take-home exam this Monday due in on Tuesday were able to access all the facilities with the exemption of some 30 minutes on Tuesday afternoon, two hours before the deadline, and the issue was quickly dealt with too.

They literally had some 30 hours to work on it before this issue came up. To me this just seems as a bunch of pinheads who left it for the last minute now crying wolf when they should’ve timed themselves better.



Good to see a bit of BPP bashing on these pages for a change – starting to think it was just ULaw that was hated by LC.



Although west law had the same info I was looking for!! So not too badly affected



“BPP University” is my new favourite oxymoron.



no doubt comments will suddenly stop on this post as the BPP PR machine funded by private equity kicks in… expect things to get worse once their new owners continue to cut costs.



BPP is ok. Where else would you suggest doing the LPC, London Metropolitan University?



Speaking of Ulaw fvckups, elite just went down ten minutes before the electives submission deadline. Luckily I submitted them all over the last few days, but I’m sure some people are fvcked now.


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