Chelsy Davy speaks for the first time about quitting Allen & Overy

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By Katie King on

The lure of starting her own business was too strong


Prince Harry’s former flame Chelsy Davy has finally revealed why she packed up shop and left Allen & Overy, one of the country’s most elite law firms.

Non-practising solicitor Davy spent over three years as a trainee and an associate at the swanky magic circle outfit, but quit in 2014 “to pursue new interests”.

Over the weekend, Zimbabwe-born Davy — who studied her legal practice course at the then College of Law in Moorgate — finally shed some light on why, at 27-years-old, she decided to ditch her £69,500 a year job.

Speaking to Style magazine, she revealed:

The law thing was a challenge… But it got to the point that I wanted something that was mine and I also wanted to go home.

The former City high-flyer has gone on to fulfil her ambitions. After obtaining a gemology diploma from the Gemological Institute of America, the law graduate is now the proud owner of a luxury jewellery company that sources its precious stones from Africa.

Other interesting titbits from the confessional interview include Davy — who sent shockwaves through Daily Mail HQ earlier this year when she was papped pulling a hair from her mouth — admitting she wanted to be a lawyer ever since she watched A Few Good Men when she was younger.

Something we’re sure will rile Legal Cheek readers is Davy’s reflection on her law degree experience, namely how surprised she was by the light workload when compared to her South African education.

The 30-year-old former paralegal, who was reportedly in an on-off relationship with the loveable ginger prince for seven years, studied for an economics degree at the University of Cape Town before beginning her LLB at the University of Leeds in 2007.

Speaking about her stint at the Russell Group uni Davy, apparently rolling her eyes, said:

It was so much fun. Too much fun.