Inns of Court launch new ‘College of Advocacy’

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Could an Inn-run BPTC be next?


The Council of the Inns of Court (COIC), the education charity mostly funded by the four Inns, has today unveiled its new “College of Advocacy”, which will focus on the education and training of barristers across England and Wales.

The Inns of Court College of Advocacy (ICCA), to give it its full title, will provide “leadership”, “expertise” and “guidance” in both advocacy and professional ethics.

Headed up by Falcon Chambers’ Derek Wood CBE QC, the new charity-backed college will provide “education and training materials” delivered both online and through the Inns and circuits, while also promoting the wider reputation of the bar of England and Wales.

The ICCA will build on the success of the Advocacy Training Council (ATC), which, among other things, helps ‘train the trainers’ in advocacy, such as on the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC).

Commenting on the new college, Wood QC said:

I am delighted that COIC has established this new College of Advocacy to continue and expand the important work of the Advocacy Training Council. This again affirms the commitment of the Inns of Court to high standards of training in the practice and ethics of court advocacy.

This latest move by the Inns of Court will do nothing to quash rumours that they are preparing to launch their own BPTC.

Last summer Lincoln’s Inn unveiled plans to create an ambitious three-storey library and underground education bunker (pictured below). Denying that the bunker would be home to a new law school, a spokesperson for the Inn at the time said it would provide a place to undertake “advocacy training for students, pupils and barristers.”


With “colleges” and “councils” slowly edging onto BPTC turf, Legal Cheek surmises it might not be long before the Inns of Court law school, last seen in 2001 before it became part of City University, is back once again.



Old news.



Who cares.



Of course they are and it will cost just £1 for the whole year because the incumbent majority of nasty private equity providers have been making massive profits. It’s the current non-private providers that I feel most sorry for because they have been charging a reasonable fee for their course, often just £1000 less than the £20k charged by the nasty private people.

Anyway, this new college will have little or no costs whatsoever. The great and the good from the bar will almost certainly turn down a nice brief fee to come and teach little Johnny how to do cross-examine someone for just the price of seeing a smile on Johnny’s face.

Ethics, crime and civil will be self-taught and therefore free because anything that is put on the internet is free to create as we all know. Just ask a Silk at an Inns event, but perhaps when he’s not baffled by receiving a text on his phone. Those nasty providers charged so much for this face to face tuition. If only they had stopped years ago. That it’s the Bar (via the BSB) who mandate that these subjects are taught face to face and in groups no larger than 12 is irrelevant where you’re trying to pitch yourself as saving the children from the tyranny of the private equity. Look they said “I’ve saved you from the nasty people who I compelled to do that to you. Aren’t I great!”

I’m sure the College will be a great. Derek Wood QC gets a name check above. Others in charge aren’t for some reason. That two senior figures are two of the people who ran the course at Kaplan which closed to due to its great success, is probably just an oversight.

Anyway, this is splendid news for the Bar and the children. “Think of the children” said one unnamed figure. “Instead of paying thousands of pounds to someone else, they can now pay it to me”.



A BPTC “lecturer” trying to save his pointless job? You failed as a barrister, it’s about time we put you out of your misery as a “lecturer” too.


One of the last ICSL grads.

ICSL resurrected! Hurrah!


BPTC Student

I hope BPP and ULaw are shaking with fear.



At what? Newsflash, if they do run a BPTC, it won’t be leading Silks doing the teaching. It will be fairly junior practitioners in poorly paid areas of the bar.

You know, the ones that currently go off and teach on the BPTC. I think they’re known as ‘Failed Barristers’ in this parish.



As one of the people involved in the commissioning of the new education centre I can confirm there are no intentions to turn it into a law school. Would Legal Cheek please stop making things up.


Legal Cheek's spokesperson




Jet? Is that you?



Aaah, that was good telly. Wolf, Jet, Shadow, Rhino and the rest, with top – and I mean TOP – presenting talent in the form of Ulrika and Fash.

I really wanted to emulate my heroes. But I got confused between Wolf G and Woolf LJ and ended up a barrister by mistake.



Are you practicing your standup routine in the LC comments?


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