Law grad who struggled with knife attackers to protect her dissertation speaks out about her ordeal for the first time

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By Katie King on

And she’s been honoured for her bravery


A University of Cumbria law graduate who risked her life to protect her final year dissertation has spoken out about her ordeal for the first time.

22-year-old Rachel More, who was heading to the university’s Carlisle campus in March last year, fought tooth and nail to protect her bag when she was robbed at knifepoint. Inside the bag was her precious laptop, and on that was about two-thirds of her 10,000 word dissertation.

Speaking publically for the first time about the ordeal, one which left More needing stitches in her thumb, the aspiring police officer explained:

A guy came up to me, asking for my bag. I said no. He showed me his knife. There was a bit of a struggle. Another guy came over, pulling on him, and the girl came over as well and was pulling on me. I was absolutely petrified. My first instinct was run — but my legs didn’t want to go. It was just to protect my laptop really.

The crime has had a big impact on More, who was studying for the final year of her law and criminology degree at the time. She continued:

It stopped my going to uni for a bit as well. Now I have got to think about what is going to happen, where everything is, how much money I have got in my purse before I go out just in case it happens again.

Thankfully, things are looking up for courageous More. Though — in the words of her mother — “she was not really fine” after the ordeal, she persevered, completed her dissertation and finished her degree. Earlier this year, the two robbers and their accomplice were sentenced to a total of around 17 years in prison.

And, just yesterday, More was honoured for her bravery and tenacity at an award ceremony at Carlisle Crown Court. She received a £750 reward, was commended by Cumbria’s Sheriff, and also praised by Judge Peter Hughes QC, who said:

This was a devastating experience and it is right that her bravery in standing up to her robbers should be marked with this award.