Morning round-up: Monday 27 June

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


Boris Johnson: I cannot stress too much that Britain is part of Europe — and always will be [The Telegraph]

The Shadow Attorney General has quit [Twitter]

The Shadow Justice Secretary has quit [ITV News]

David Allen Green: Article 50 — Where are we now? [Facebook]

Four ways the UK can reverse Brexit if it really, really wants to [Quartz]

EU can’t be serious: Could there really be a second EU referendum and overrule the vote for Brexit? [The Sun]

Britain must trigger exit talks in just two days, says top EU official as he calls for negotiations to start at summit on Tuesday [Mail Online]

Can the EU force the UK to trigger the two-year Brexit process? [Public Law for Everyone]

15 EU laws and regulations we will miss in post-Brexit Britain [The Independent]

Battle to stop Jack Straw facing Libya rendition charges [The Observer]

Apply to attend — Event: How to make it as a City lawyer — with the Black Solicitors Network [Legal Cheek Hub]

“It has long been a staple of left wing charlatans to claim that ‘the old’ are oppressing ‘the young’. It is nothing new. When the current batch of the Supremes were but teenagers — the same nonsense was spouted.” [Legal Cheek Comments]