Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Tuesday 28 June

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


Brexit: The facts, laws and politics of the Leave vote [Financial Times]

Geoffrey Robertson QC: Brexit loophole? MPs must still vote in order for Britain to leave the EU [The Independent]

Richard Burgon new Shadow Justice Secretary [Guido Fawkes]

Sir Keir Starmer QC quits shadow cabinet [Twitter]

The referendum now poses a serious threat to parliamentary democracy [Barrister Blogger]

Article 50, and UK constitutional law [Head of Legal]

A truly remarkable democratic mandate [The Secret Barrister]

MPs launch inquiry into sharia courts in UK [The Guardian]

Neglected children can stay with travellers ‘in spirit of diversity,’ says judge despite social workers plea for three youngsters to be taken into care [Mail Online]

Man convicted of historic sex offences by court despite being dead in British legal first [Mirror]

Judge Rinder signs up for this year’s Strictly Come Dancing [The Sun]

Norwegian court rejects Edward Snowden lawsuit on free passage [Reuters]

Law student sought for volunteer vacancy — Project Coordinator for Big Voice London [Legal Cheek Hub]

“Great, so like we said all along, we’ll end up subject to all the same EU laws and regulations, but without a vote in the Parliament and without any top level political influence. Just amazing…” [Legal Cheek comments]


Not Amused

One striking feature of the referendum result has been the large number of lawyers who are willing to destroy what little reputation they have by advancing arguments which are so clearly wrong.

Forget the fact that they are also contemptuous, petty, spiteful and anti-democratic. Much more importantly, they are wrong.



Who are you on about now O wise one ?


Patrick Connelly

Is the EU and it’s trade agreements the same as operating a cartel system?



Where are you Corbyn. Sympathiser? Every day for months and then…nothing.

During these historic events we need some insight into the mind of that fascinatingly deluded, arrogant and weird man you sympathise with.

I hope you’re not spending all your time in tedious



…Momentum meetings.


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