Outrage as law firm takes to social media to boast of ‘great win’ over parents

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By Thomas Connelly on

How NOT to use Twitter


A small Milton Keynes-based law firm may want to give its social media strategy a rethink after a tweet appearing to boast of a “great win” over parents sparked outrage on Twitter over the weekend.

Despite the case involving a child, public sector specialists Baker Small — who regularly advise schools and local authorities — trumpeted its victory online, appearing to relish the fact they had created a “storm” for parents.



The tweets, pictured above and since deleted, received a number of angry responses because of the sensitive nature of the work involved.

Outraged by the firm’s tweets, carer Diane Kay wasted no time in writing a formal letter of complaint to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Claiming that the firm had failed to comply with “basic professional and ethical standards”, Kay also voiced concerns that the family involved could be identified from the various tweets.


Still standing by its original post, the firm began blocking those who objected and then went on to respond in a less than sensible fashion. Unfortunately for Baker Small, blogger Chaos in Kent screenshot them all before they were eventually deleted.


The following day the firm issued a grovelling apology.

A further statement (pictured below) was issued by the firm’s managing director Mark Small yesterday. Describing the tweets as simply “not appropriate”, he reassured those upset by this weekend’s Twitter storm that all complaints would be dealt with by the appropriate authorities.


But unfortunately many who were offended by the original tweets are still blocked, and therefore cannot see the apology.

Baker Small didn’t respond to Legal Cheek’s request for comment.