Vote Leave paralegal targeted by Remain campaigners

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Law grad on £16,500 a year who feels he’s “at the back of the queue” for jobs sparks social media storm


A “working class” Vote Leave supporter who told a panel of politicians he feels “at the back of the queue for entry-level jobs” has sparked an explosion of Twitter talk after posts claimed that he’s employed at a London law firm.

At the BBC’s ‘The Great Debate’ at Wembley arena, audience member Karim Khassal — described by the TV show’s host as a “leave supporter” — asked Boris Johnson, Sadiq Khan and four other panellists this question:

As a young, working class man, I feel at the back of the queue for entry-level jobs, housing, and public services. How many people each year can the UK reasonably cope with?

According to one anonymous law student, the question “implied that he was unemployed”.

On Twitter it has been claimed that in fact Khassal is a De Montfort University graduate and a property law paralegal at London Bridge law firm McMillan Williams Solicitors.

Cue social media confusion.

Though Khassal did not explicitly say he was unemployed, some Reddit commentators have pointed to a LinkedIn profile which doesn’t show any long periods of unemployment. However, Khassal’s lack of a training contract has not been picked up on by the Reddit crowd, who seem unfamiliar with the lawyer training process.

It is of course worth bearing in mind that “working class” is a difficult term to define, and that working in legal practice doesn’t always equal flash cars and fat pay cheques.

According to the vacancies section of McMillan Williams Solicitors’ website, paralegals are paid £16,500 a year. This is about £11,000 less than the average UK salary and — we assume — a hell of a lot less than most people think law firm employees earn.

Khassal and McMillan Williams Solicitors have not responded to Legal Cheek‘s request for comment.

Turning to the actual political views expressed by the individual, at the time of writing on this unprecedented day, the latest Ipsos MORI poll puts Remain at 52% to Leave’s 48%. The Bookies remain with the Remainers with some odds suggesting more than an 80% chance of the UK remaining in the EU.



What he means is he can’t get a TC. He’s classing that as the entry-level job for solicitors. From my experience, Europeans are not taking up many of the TCs on offer. A vote for leave would reduce the number of TCs available, and would therefore hurt his chances.


for the love of people

The EU is a trap-please pull out, people pull out-see behind this facade for only the elite- watch the video link here for yourself. We’re giving up our rights. Giving access to big major corporations to be able to do what they like, even to sue our government, not being able to do anything about it. Its not for the people-their playing on the whole union thing-its a big stinking fat lie-they just know some will fall for it because of course we want union, interculturalism, security etc. Who doesn’t but they’re playing on our needs to get what they want-our rights taken away.

I’m telling you this because I too represent the unemployed. searching for jobs so much it makes people sick. All you have to do is look at the statistics of longterm unemployment against increase in need for mental health support. Someone look at the growing concern in health, in our quality of life noone elses. Their trying to squeeze us to the extremes. What you don’t see is that needs to come out here is that some have commited suicide from the stress, feeling stuck for THAT long from being on waiting lists for something they shouldn’t feel (let diwn by their own country) and noone listening.

I too have been unemployed for 7 months onwards used to take me 2 weeks to get a job-I just want a normal life back. They say jobs are up, they have SHARED them! if you get decent hours at all to live. The last time i could get a full time job was 4 years ago. application after application, after application-no response, but loads of pressure, so much its made so many people not just feel stuck, depressed but sick. Our government couldn’t even support us emotionally. We are on waiting lists for something we should never have to feel. We feel kicked out of our own country. And unless you’ve really seen this, been out of work, seen that this isn’t normal. You know.

And it time we stuck up for our own people who are already here-the unemployed, the people that already here that have had no voice really. Just getting pushed out. It only gives some relief that one man, this law grad above had a chance to speak the truth. which is why I’m asking people to do the right thing and pull out while we can. If you believe in working class hero, for them to not give away our jobs and accuse us of now wanting to take certain jobs, when if you had nothing you would take anything. complete bullshit. That cameron, he says people can’t get benefit for 4 years here, but what about our jobs? he’s giving up our seats, making us fight for our jobs. we shouldn’t have to do that. I shouldn’t have to fight, to perserve for four years trying to survive for that long, have to turn to charity to get access to full-time hours so I can live. Which is any human right. To have a chance to live-they are giving that chance away. They don’t care. But when you have no rights, there’s no going back.

Which is why I say here, If you believe in 1% to the 99%, Occupy what they were trying to do, WATCH THE VIDEO-if you believe in real love, the real working class hero, the people for the people, then WATCH

THE ideology of union is utter bullshit for the elites, they know you’re going to say yes because’togetherness’ is one of our essential needs. but they’re lying-its bullshit. so is our rights to our freedom. they’re playing on it and been doing so for years. but before this in the past we kept refusing, your grandfathers, grandmothers, families-FOR A REAL REASON BIGGER THAN THIS.

John major, Tony Blair, Cameron their all in it, because they’re gaining. This place in Germany, its where all MP’s can live like lords. And big corporations..How does it work for them?

The people say yes, to remain, say goodbye to ALL our rights FOREVER-major corporation are now in control, can sue our government and you the person can now longer challenge or do anything about it-sad times


for the love of people

We can’t everyone without someone paying the cost. Where is the 1% in this?

I just want to speak up with all my heart and love for all the unemployed who I haven’t heard have a voice in any of the EU referendum debates. Not nearly enough.

Because if noone does, I care for those who silently have been suffering in sheer desperation. And I want anyone to take that statement back, that workers that already live here, don’t want certain jobs. Because when you have nothing, you’d really do everything just to get your life back and I stand for them. That do want to work but its their own country tha has actually let them down.

That have been applying, applying, applying, that work hard, that were used to getting ‘A’ response even, but after hundreds of applications how they don’t get any. Having to keep going for months this is not humane. This is not a life. Employers failing to cope with sheer numbers already.

I want to have a voice for those that feel let down by the lack of support thats been available to them, that in sheer desperation the only place they felt they could go to try and get that support was to go to a charity.

What does it take for people to see we the people-the people on the ground are having to fight for our own place in our own country. For a job. For those that could never afford a degree, that have a slim chance already, that want to get up the ladder, that want to do better for themselves, for their families, but are being pushed out, how is this human rights? How is this not degrading? And that sharing jobs to meet statistics isn’t real jobs we can live normal lives on. Be able to eat, survive, just be able to do the basics.

Its not about whether you’re black or white, coming from a mixed family myself half-cast, Its about the working class people. Those people that don’t have degrees, that live on min wages, that live here already. its their quality of life that’s suffering and getting squeezed for us to try and deliver to that demand. I’m only sorry that you don’t see this because you’re not there. You’re on the level above.

The stress is making people sick with Mental Health on the increase, at the extreme even suicide for the most desperate who can’t cope any longer from being out of work that long. Please look at increases in the need for mental health support.

The psychological effects of being out of work, vulnerable to distress is drastically underestimated.

That alongside this, with no understanding of real human needs, no mental or emotional support has either been put forward as essential by our goverment. alongside open doors to immigration numbers its a joke.

Ontop of that, those needing the support are on waiting lists. But when it comes to mental health, to feeling that stuck from all that pressure, how how it affects an individual, their health their family relationships, To have to wait for that. Its disgusting and I’m sorry unless you’ve been there-some people the most vulnerable you actually let down because even they can’t wait that long.

I used to be able to get a new job in around 2 weeks, if I ever had to in past experience. Now I have been out of work to date for around 7 months still counting. Applying, applying applying. Going to National careers not being able to get help anymore. Even their manager ringing me to tell me they have limited funds. The job centre heightening the pressure.

It’s been worse than hell. I haven’t been able to live a normal life since I can’t remember last. I am only 32 and want the best in life for myself. This is not me. I feel that chance, that everyone is supposed to have in life being taken away from me. How does Cameron talk about looking after the youth or the working class?

since Immigration hasen’t been controlled, since technological advancement has also cut jobs and noone, noone is really tackling job loss to really inject job creation to the level it needs to really be at-many of us are desperately trying to keep our head; physically, emotionally/mentally above water.

But with more people just coming in as they please because EU and their own countries has failed them, whilst new jobs aren’t to speed. I am writing here, for the local unemployed that don’t wanted to be unemployed for months even years anymore. That can’t cope anymore with the numbers.

Cameron chose yes, that Immigrants can’t get access unemployment benefits for four years but what does that matter if he’s not protecting our jobs. opening borders to that level. How is Cameron saving our jobs? I feel kicked out, unheard and for some it won’t be going to live somewhere in Europe where there’s no jobs either, it will be in mental health support for the effects of being out of work that long, from being supressed living on a poor quality life or in our graves.

We don’t deserve that. Because I have seen myself, people try so hard-and its just too much to bear. I have wrote, rung, emailed, directly contacted to the point I haven’t stopped. And not having that break. Not being able to get it, it really affected me so much. Now applying I break down. My buffer has gone.

I need people to know. When they vote that they need to think about the local people who are suffering already from more people coming in. That are already struggling to find work, that have never found it this hard, that feel their right to those jobs, to a normal life, that are trying even more than they possibly can.

That with their vote by staying in, you are taking away with the very last chance for local people to have a normal life again. That by trying to save the world, instead of aiming at the 1% to contribute and help more. That you are pushing peoples quality of life already here to a big fat 0-no life.

This is about people’s Health, people’s lives, people’s dreams of the poorest to mid working class people already living here. Because you have our life line. And our life line is to protect our jobs. Some local people might be happy to stay on the dole. But for me, I am not. I want my life back, my Health back, to get the chance to get a degree, because like everyone, I deserve that chance, I don’t want that chance taken away.

So please.. I believe in Immigration, I believe in diversity but please think of the people on the ground already that live here- Something has to compromise, don’t let it be the people that are already here their chance-don’t leave us behind, because you believe you can change the EU-its too late-what you don’t know is the elites agenda-they want our rights-and by staying in their gone forever.



Quality rant there bruh, changed my lyfe.

*10 Farages out of 10.*



Bravo Stallone



Mate, how is this jingoistic rant of yours anyhow relevant to a student-oriented legal careers and gossip blog?

You can’t blame EU immigrants for being a moron who can’t get a job.



He’s definitely at the back of a very very long queue now.



He has a ‘degree’ from De Montfort. He’s effectively unemployed.


Pat Bateman, Esq.

“LLB from De Montfort University.”




Such an idiot. Getting a TC is ridiculously hard anyway. Some people blame class, some blame racism, and now we’ve got a guy blaming the EU. I haven’t got one yet but I’m not blaming anybody- I know it’s competitive. So Stop moaning and man up.



I’ve met a Chinese guy who could barely speak English. He blamed racism for him being unable to get an entry-level finance job in the City. People like that will always look for excuses instead of making the effort to improve themselves.

You have the right attitude, best of luck.



Of what relevance is this person being Chinese? Your comment would have kept it’s meaning intact without that tidbit. #casualracism



Why is it racist that I point out his nationality? I never suggested that Chinese people generally are like that.


Hung Dong Wong

Tong Kong Ring Rong.


Here is your true #casualracism.

Calling out people who did nothing wrong won’t help your SJW agenda. It just pisses everyone off.


It’s actually “#casuallacism” if you want to be more accurate.



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.

Ting Tong Ring Rang Rong

Is casuarr lacism!

Ying Tong Yoo Rong!


Chong Long Bong Hong

Wai yu lacist like dis, don’t yu kno dis is how wi speek?!

Kung Pao Dong Bang Tong

Yu fa kin lacist, ai bang yu dum phuc!

Just Anonymous

I find it very depressing that people are so quick to attack the person with blatant ad hominem attacks rather than address the argument itself.

Indeed, this trend, once you think about it, is actually quite sinister. People should be free to ask questions and participate in our democratic process without fear that those on the other side will dredge up their own personal circumstances as a weapon against them. Thus, this trend will only stifle legitimate debate and discussion, which cannot be a good thing.

Indeed, his question – How many people each year can the UK reasonably cope with – is a fair one. If you believe that the UK can cope with current levels of migration, then all you need do is justify that belief with logic, evidence and reasoned argument. Nothing more is required.



Are you new to this website?


Just Anonymous

No, but clearly you are – otherwise you’d have seen me around!



Check out captain Big Nuts over here!




Just Anonymous

Why thank you. I don’t like to boast, but my substantial assets have been commented on before…

RoF Rozzer

Burn victim in ward 3!

Mocky J

Blame it on the Boogie!!’


Wonderful exaalnption of facts available here.


Except he presented himself as a specific example of the problems caused by EU immigration. In doing so, he opened himself up to the obvious counter-argument that his example was highly inaccurate.


Just Anonymous

Who cares!

His initial waffle was merely a springboard to explain why he was asking his question, which was how much migration the UK can cope with. Whether he himself is misguided about his own personal situation is totally irrelevant to that larger question.

And for people who actually care about the issues and getting the answer to the referendum question right, the answer to that question is surely all we should care about.



Stop starting your sentences with ‘indeed’


Just Anonymous



At last, a sensible comment…. Expressing ones opinion should not leave them open to such backlash and ridiculous accusations.



If he doesn’t like MW he can leave there are others who’ll take his place. His attitude was completely different 1 year ago at a University visit. Poor game.



To be fair, I don’t think that he’s saying he hates MW. I think he’s just frustrated generally.



You have the monopoly on useful infetmarion-aron’t monopolies illegal? 😉



Of course he’s going to be a paralegal with a degree from De Montfort university. Could have tried to at least get into the PROPER Leicester university. Same goes for those who attended Manchester Metropolitan instead of the University of Manchester. Those at these very low end institutions do not have the academic grades for these big law firms and the entry grades for these lower universities are very low. Probably why he’s at a small London firm as a paralegal failing to get a TC. WHEN ARE THESE GRADS WITH RUBBISH GRADES GOING TO REALISE YOU NEED GOOD GRADES TO GO INTO LAW?? You’ll never see a Doctor with C grades and below will you…


Corbyn. Sympathiser.

You might, if we leave the EU.



It’s actually more likely that EU doctors treating you will have worse grades than doctors trained here. We have to accept EU medicine qualifications as alternative to our own but they are generally worse in standard and easier to get into. There’s a reason students often go into the EU for medicine when they don’t get in here, because our entry requirements are higher and it’s more competitive here.


European Citizen

Oh really? I suggest you look up these ‘low entry requirements’ for medical schools across Germany or Poland or France or Lithuania or the Czech Republic.

And whilst you’re at it, I also suggest you compare the content and breadth of knowledge required in a school-leavers’ exam for entering these ‘worse standard’ medical schools.

As a matter of fact, you also ought to compare the average infant mortality rate of these apparently inferior medical systems with that of the NHS.

It’s because of utter idiots like you who throw around this misinformed, defamatory bullshit that there’s an EU referendum in the first place.



Why can’t people with bad grades see a doctor?

Is this eugenics? Some sort of ‘weed out weak / let stupid people die if they fall ill’ policy…




A small London firm – that’s backed by BGF. Do your homework before making stupid comments!



He will be a trainee soon enough.



Seems to me employers want to hire the best people. If recent migrants are beating you to jobs, perhaps you’re just shit?



I have noticed that the NEETs are far more likely to be anti-immigration.



He’s not on massive money, he probably feels he’s not getting where feels he should be due to immigration. Whether that is true in career terms is highly questionable, but he may feel that his salary, given the high cost of housing etc, is not enough and that this is due to pressures resulting from immigration. That is an argument which can be made – whether it is is true or not is however debatable. As many on the Remain side have pointed out, it may be due to domestic policies and lack of investment rather than immigration per se.


for the love of people

please the EU is a trap-its elite driven alone not for the people, they’re just using you playing with what we all essential want-unity. but behind is a hidden agenda fir big corporations, benefits for mps. the banks that put us into collapse funded the remain campaign. watch this film before you vote-don’t give your rights away -your families fought for. they don’t want union they want to take are rights-and once done they’re gone forever-please
watch this film, protect our democracy, the people who already live here, but most of all our rights not in the best interests of the major corporate giants that want power to take over our law system and sue our government for whatever they can get


Boh Dear

I would ask you to stop posting but I’m afraid I’d violate your Article 10 rights.

What the hell – please stop posting! If that’s too much for the love of God please put a space either side of your dashes!


Dear me

I think you’ve got the wrong website buddy. – that ought to be more up to your speed. Off ya go…



If he votes out, he can go back home. Lolzies.


Lord Lyle of In Between

The English and Welsh voted out. The Scots and N
Irish voted in.
So time for the break up of the UK.

Very funny thread LC. Gave me a laugh.


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