Bizarre courtroom transcript turned into cartoon

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By Katie King on

Animators breathe new life into viral judge vs defendant exchange


Remember that really, really weird court transcript we reported on last month? Well, now it’s been made into a really, really weird cartoon.

To refresh your memory: the surreal turn of events took place in America — in Georgia to be exact — in a courtroom presided over by Judge Bryant Durham. Alleged killer Denver Allen entered the court, and the exchange that followed made for such uncomfortable, bizarre, ridiculous reading it went viral.

Highlights (if that’s the right word), include this:

judge dialogue 1

And this:

judge dialogue 3

For those of you who are yet to trawl through the full 19 pages of transcript in all its glory, fear not.

This weekend, an animation showcasing the full, word for word exchange in all its glory was played to a delighted crowd at San Diego Comic Con, and spotted by the good folk from Above the Law. Both characters were voiced by Justin Roiland, who has starred in shows such as Adventure Time and Rick and Morty.

You can watch the cartoon here: