Former UKIP member who made 872 unsuccessful job applications becomes CILEx president

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EXCLUSIVE: From rags to legal profession riches


A former member of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) who applied for 872 jobs without even getting an interview has landed the top role at the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx).

Martin Callan — who is a senior lawyer with over 16 years of professional experience under his belt — will be made president of CILEx at an inauguration taking place at the Supreme Court this evening.

But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Callan (pictured).

According to an article published on the Mail Online in 2009, Callan — who is currently CILEx’s vice president — responded to over 872 job advertisements over a period of six months, failing to land even a single interview.


Speaking candidly, Callan reveals how he lost his job as a lawyer at East London law firm Bowling & Co.

On “the edge of bankruptcy” and owing £50,000, Callan explained that as well as receiving jobseeker’s allowance, his mother would send him £25 a month from her home in Cardiff.

After almost six months and still without an interview to his name, he contacted a debt consolidation firm in relation to his bleak financial situation.

Ironically it was this call that finally put an end to Callan’s run of bad luck. A member of staff — having enquired about his skills and experience — thought he might be suitable for them and invited him to come in for an interview.

Commenting on the Mail article, Callan this week told Legal Cheek:

With regards to previous news coverage, yes I like a lot of lawyers faced difficulties during the 2008/9 financial crash, and was happy to share my story at the time. I am pleased to say that I am now happily running my own business.

Fast forward to today and the Welsh lawyer is currently the director of a London-based consultancy firm. He has also maintained an active political presence as a keen supporter of UKIP, although in the wake of the nation’s vote to leave the EU has opted not to renew his membership of the party.

Regularly sharing UKIP stories to his 45,000 Twitter followers, Callan tweeted back in 2011 that he was considering voting for the party that is often dogged by controversy.

Then, in 2014, Callan took to Facebook to explain why he “will still be voting UKIP.”

In a post that has since disappeared — but remains in the Google cache — he explains that “uncontrolled migration exposes the UK to unsavoury individuals” who are free to engage in “criminal activity.” Continuing he claims that the “Westminster elite” are too scared to act for fear of being “unjustly branded racists.”


Speaking about his political views, Callum told Legal Cheek:

It is correct that I have been a member of the United Kingdom Independence Party, although I have not renewed my membership. My reasons for joining were that I wanted to see a referendum vote on our membership of the European Union, which ultimately happened and so I am now no longer affiliated.

The Welsh lawyer, who currently holds the position of vice president and will attend an official inauguration ceremony held at the Supreme Court this evening, continued:

I want to make absolutely clear though that I do not intend to use my position in CILEx to espouse a particular political view. CILEx is not a political organisation, we are non-partisan, we work with all elected representatives, and we did not take a position in the referendum. CILEx is a broad church, with members from all backgrounds and political leanings, and I am proud to be a part of an institute that is so welcoming to so many people. My singular focus as president will be to promote our members and work in both their interest and the public interest. I think it speaks volumes that CILEx is a home to such an array of diverse students and professionals, and that is why we are able to work independently and constructively with a wide range of people and organisations regardless of political affiliations.

Callan was first elected to CILEx’s national board in 2004, representing the constituency of Wales and later, London. He takes over from David Edwards as president.






A solicitor...

Basis of your comment?


Lord Harley of Counsel K.StJ. LLM LLB MDA BSc DPhal Us B&Q BBQ WTF ABBA LOL

I am the head of CILEx.

Just check my LinkedIn for proof.




Not real lawyers?



Actually they are qualified lawyers.



Didn’t say they weren’t qualified.


Scum. We’re better lawyers than you toffee nosed solicitors born with a silver spoon up your arse



I highly doubt that.


“He has also maintained an active political presence as a keen supporter of UKIP, although in the wake of the nation’s vote to leave the EU has opted not to renew his membership of the party.”




45,000 twitter followers?! Putting that £25 a month from his mum to good use…



Good for him for bouncing back in the face of adversity, the establishment isn’t just for the elite afterall. A normal person in our profession, we could do with a few more of them



Hi Martin.



Oi gevalt, he’s not in gushing with approval for unrestricted mass immigration? Literally worse than Hitler.


Fudgel Narage

‘UKIP member’ – I stopped reading at that point.

Mega lol.



Anyone applying for ILEX membership should ensure they tick the British-Caucasian box with their application form!



Why. Who are ILEX?



They are ILEX



Nope. They are CILEx. In other news solicitors no longer need to do”Articles” and Denning is dead.



They are Cilex if you had the gumption to read rather than comment you would have known that and not looked stupid. You are years behind in your knowledge and many decades in your thinking.



All you peecee social justice warriors better get with it cos the times they are a changin. Wait till trump gets elected (and he will ).


Bantz & Co LLP

Lols, quality bantah mate! 10 Trumpers outta 10.


Lord of A Soupçon of Contentedness

A soupçon of legal content here LC. Well done.



need a drink after reading this



He will be having one or two tonight with a few chums from the ‘Westminster elite’ he mentioned in his FB post…

What a gaffe



Seriously? CLIEx – not real lawyers? Like all you real lawyers who spent years doing advocacy and litigation and … Oh wait …. They are barristers

Surely it’s a person by person basis? Have you had legal training – check. Are you any good – check. Are you a qualified, regulated lawyer? Fortunately the boring snobbery is dying out and the young have no need to be aligned with all those who have no real reason to be proud other than an antiquated feeling of superiority that they never really deserved!



Yeah…but… it’s CLIEx.



[insert chippy comment here about barristers > solicitors > filex]



I don’t agree with with UKIP policies (or lack thereof), but still, a big hats off to him. Ultimately the market decides who excels. Personally, I couldn’t care less if people are born with a ‘silver spoon’, (the majority of us dedicate our working lives to making said silver spoons), its the way of the world.

In the meantime, there will always be those within the three branches of the legal profession that will continue to fire shots at each other. Life is far bigger than ‘the law’. If the three branches actually put their brains together we could play a far greater part in shaping the world we live in. Rant over.



I’m sorry but what chance does ILEX have if phil mitchell over here can’t even lose his own weight….



So the guy voted UKIP…….just so happens more than half the UK voters in the referendum agreed with him so who’s having the last laugh? And as for all you pompous solicitors on this forum, FUCK OFF YOU BUNCH OF SUPERIOR ARSE HOLES!



I see you’re using your newly found free time well, Nigel.



Interesting that Martin Callan’s story went to riches when he started his own consultancy. If you look on companies house for information on his companies none of them appear to have had any significant revenues in their accounts over the last few years or are dormant.
It appears his main income is from Cilex, whose members may be concerned at this. He now gets £40k a year paid by them to wear the chains of office. With his limited experience, how long will he be able keep this up?

Has anyone at Cilex, the LSB etc. checked out if he is suitable for the role of President?



No, No CILEX member even knew the previous President and CEO had resigned early. Callan takes over an organisation that lost £1.4 million quid last year



Seems the only qualification for becoming President is a term of office as Vice President. Whether you are any good at the job doesn’t seem to matter! I’d love to become President for £40k.


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