Judge Rinder lifts lid on judicial life in new radio show

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Despite not actually being a real judge


The UK’s favourite honorary judge launched a new radio show over the weekend, discussing what life is like as a member of the judiciary of England and Wales.

Robert Rinder — a criminal barrister at London’s 2 Hare Court — has produced a new radio series called Raising the Bar with Robert Rinder.

Airing on Sunday morning, Rinder, who is often referred to as Judge Rinder due to the popularity of his daytime TV programme of the same name, kicked things off by discussing all things judicial with ex-Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge.

Lord Judge — who was head of the judiciary for five years — is joined by former Linklaters lawyer turned deputy High Court judge Alexandra Marks. District judge and social mobility ambassador Tan Ikram is also there, along with former criminal barrister and retired judge John Samuels QC.

The panel discusses the difficulties involved in passing a fair sentence and the profound impact social media is having on this.

According to the panel, members the judiciary must stay on top of the latest social media developments and the part they play in certain crimes.

With more sexual assaults now being filmed and posted online, judges need to be acutely aware of how this impacts on the victim in order to sentence a defendant appropriately.

Diversity and the judiciary is also a hot topic of discussion on the show.

According to Marks there is a distinct lack of women who have the relevant experience to qualify for the top judicial roles. According to the ex-City lawyer, women need to be given more opportunities across the profession to gain the vital experience required to become a judge.

The full show can be found here.


Criminal Barrister

The trouble with Judge Rinder is that many of my clients who have not been in court before think that this is what it is going to be like, and it scares them.

The format, which makes good TV, granted, is a direct importation of an American style civil County Court.



I think American courts are not nearly as over the top as he is on the show. His really over worked “jokes” and oft repeated one liners reflect badly on him. He is a discredit to the profession. If he wants to be a full time pantomime TV Personality he should do the decent thing and leave the profession, not use the reputation and what little kudos being a lawyer has to further his own vain ambitions.


Quo Vadis

Rinder humiliates himself every time he appears on television. Worse – he humiliates the profession. How dare he wear the gown, the bands? How dare he announce that he is a “barrister”, a member of an ancient and respected profession, then mock and ridicule those who have the misfortune to appear before his ‘court’? I find it utterly incredible that the regulator refuses to step in. What does it take to be reprimanded or disbarred nowadays? Murder?



Are you really being serious.


Ryland Clark

This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



The radio series is NOT new. Check your facts!



Exactly… he started it last November, they can’t write or research anything well…



MC Grinda has top judge bants


judge smudge

Rinder is more of a judge than Grabiner. Acccording to BHS.



Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ha!



He had the series last November as well.. or did you not do any research?



Why are you making this out to be something new? He had 3 episodes towards the end of last year, and other law student blogs and news outlets managed to cover it. Shoddy ‘journalism’ again?

Though I doubt this message will get a response from any one of the team!


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