Judge who drank alcohol ‘on court premises’ booted off the bench

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Investigation revealed Recorder Francis Evans QC also repeatedly failed to make child maintenance payments


A judge has been sacked after an investigation revealed he had consumed alcohol “on court premises”.

According to a Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO) report, published yesterday, part-time Recorder Francis Evans QC drunk alcohol “during the day” which, in turn, “created significant problems for the court staff assisting him”.

The report also revealed a further complaint concerning Evans’ “repeated defaults of payment in relation to child maintenance orders”.

According to the statement, the experienced QC failed to inform his “leadership judge” that he had twice been “subject to a suspended committal order for non-payment of child maintenance”.

Evans has enjoyed a long career at the forefront of criminal and commercial legal practice. Called to the bar in 1977, he is now a barrister at London’s JG Global Legal Consultants. Evans took silk in 1994, the same year he became a Recorder.

Unfortunately for him, his time on the bench has come to a close this month.

Removing the respected QC from judicial office, the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice agreed that his actions had “demonstrated a lack of awareness and fell below the standard expected of a judicial office holder”.

Leading legal commentator Joshua Rozenberg QC has suggested newbie Justice Secretary Liz Truss authorised the sacking.



A sad story but I cannot see that any other course of action was open.



Not that sad. He’s a complacent drunk in a position requiring responsibility and self-awareness. He’s gone, and our judicial system is better for it.


Ray Wilkins

That is really to harshhhh jus cos e likes a drinky poo on socshable occashonns doesn’t meen he should s be bottted out of professsooon.



Sad that a clearly talented individual has succumbed to the woes of alcoholism. The outcome is correct and he is of course culpable for his actions.



If we had sharia law then judges wouldn’t be getting drunk. Disgraceful.


Laddy Lad Lad

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Sod off to Saudi if you want to live under Sharia law.



…and beheadings for blasphemy… Great.



How many training contracts does he offer?



And what uni dos he go to? Is he a top qc as well as a respected one?



“Top judge who drank alcohol ‘on court premises’ booted off the bench”

There – fixed it for you.



A top QC judge bagged himself a sacking this week from an elite disciplinary body. Only time will tell whether he can secure himself a top TC at a magic circle chamber-firm in the coming months



Francis has provided many junior counsel with support in difficult times, both professional and personal. We all have colleagues who have been affected by alcohol to a greater or lesser extent, even if they have managed to hide it from us because, I’m afraid, in our profession it is still taboo to be open and honest about stress.

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Just because he has consumed alcohol on court premises doesn’t mean he’s an alcoholic – which he isn’t.


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