Judges’ Netflix addiction causes wifi chaos

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By Thomas Connelly on

Lord Justice Fulford issues warning after rise in complaints


Judges have been urged to stop ‘Netflix and chilling’ due to the additional strain it’s putting on court wifi.

The development comes after a number of staff had complained about the speed of the wifi at an unnamed court in the South East of England.

Astonishingly, an inquiry into the matter revealed that three judges were downloading videos that were “wholly unrelated to the cases they were trying.”

According to a report in The Times (£) over the weekend, judges have now been instructed to stop using streaming sites such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Spotify.

Senior presiding judge for England and Wales Lord Justice Fulford has written to all 2,000 full-time members of the judiciary, respectfully requesting that they refrain from downloading that latest episode of Made in Chelsea till they get home.

Fulford told his fellow judges that court wifi system was being used to access “data and websites” that were completely “irrelevant to judicial business.”

With judges presumably pausing The Only Way is Essex at this point, to give Fulford’s letter its full attention, he continued:

In the main, this involves streaming media (most particularly downloading or watching films and box-sets) and updating software. These activities place very considerable demands on the service.

Back in March last year three judges were removed from office after it emerged they were watching porn on court computers.

With a fourth judge resigning before disciplinary action could be taken, the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO) confirmed at the time that none of the pornographic material viewed was illegal.